Q&A from the Webinar: 12 Crucial Windows Security Skills for 2018

On 30th of October, we ran our annual Webinar where we have revealed the 12 Windows Security Skills that we believe you will need to smash threats in 2018.

In this post you’ll find some highlights from the webinar as well as goodies (slide deck and recording of the Questions and Answers session)!

Here you can find all the crucial skills we covered during the webinar:

Skill #1: Platform Security & Internals
Skill #2: Attacks On Credentials & Prevention Solutions
Skill #3: PowerShell as a hacking tool
Skill #4: Office 365 Security
Skill #5: Raising the bar for malware
Skill #6: Microsoft SQL Server Security
Skill #7: Improving security with Azure
Skill #8: Virtualization based security
Skill #9: Machine Learning for Security
Skill #10: Windows 2016 security and infrastructure improvements
Skill #11: Practical Public Key Infrastructure
Skill #12: Advanced Monitoring and Auditing

…and here are all the slides from the session:

At the end of the Webinar we asked for your questions. Below you can find the Q&A video recap:

If you have experience in Windows security, and want to stay up to date with the latest skills/trends/tools in the industry – you should check out our Advanced Windows Security Course.