CQURE Academy Live Virtual Classes – Schedule

CQURE Academy international Live Virtual Classes are an opportunity to share the learning experience in a group of IT pros from around the world! The classes are taught in English by renowned CQURE Academy Cybersecurity Experts. All our LVCs are limited to 12 participants by default to ensure the highest quality and unique learning experience!

During these courses you will have an opportunity to interact with the instructors and get CQURE’s Experts’ help with any problems you might encounter, just as if it was a regular class, with full-on virtual labs experience included! There will be also room for discussion and exchanging experiences to make sure every single participant leaves the training with loads of useful knowledge, hands-on experience and new contacts.

After finishing the course, you will be granted a Certificate of Completion. Please note that after completing the course you will also be eligible to collect CPE points!

Please find below our complete schedule of upcoming Live Virtual Classes


Live Virtual Class Length Start Date Instructor
Masterclass: Windows Security and Infrastructure Management with Windows Internals 4 days 16.08.2022 Paula Januszkiewicz
Masterclass: SOC Analyst Course 5 days 29.08.2022 Mike Jankowski-Lorek. Ph.D.
Masterclass: Hacking and Securing SQL Server 5 days 10.10.2022 Przemek Tomasik
Masterclass: SOC Analyst Course 5 days 10.10.2022 Mike Jankowski-Lorek. Ph.D.
Masterclass: Hacking and Securing Windows Infrastructure 5 days 24.10.2022 Paula Januszkiewicz
Masterclass: Forensics and Incident Handling 5 days 31.10.2022 Paula Januszkiewicz
Masterclass: Administering and Configuring ADFS and Claims 3 days 31.10.2022 Mike Jankowski-Lorek. Ph.D.
Masterclass: Managing ADFS for Multiple Organizations 2 days 03.11.2022 Mike Jankowski-Lorek. Ph.D.
Masterclass: Internet Information Services Management 4 days 07.11.2022 Przemek Tomasik
Masterclass: Public Key Infrastructure Management 5 days 14.11.2022 Mike Jankowski-Lorek, Ph.D.
Masterclass: Advanced Malware Hunting 5 days 14.11.2022 Paula Januszkiewicz
Masterclass: Advanced Active Directory Attacks 3 days 16.11.2022 Michael Grafnetter
Masterclass: Managing Azure Active Directory from A to Z 4 days 28.11.2022 Michael Grafnetter
Masterclass: Secure Coding Techniques .NET 3 days 05.12.2022 Przemek Tomasik
Masterclass: Hacking and Securing Windows Infrastructure 5 days 12.12.2022 Paula Januszkiewicz
Masterclass: SOC Analyst Course 5 days 16.01.2023 Mike Jankowski-Lorek. Ph.D.
Masterclass: Introduction to Pen-testing Course 3 days TBA TBA
Masterclass: Web Applications Pen-testing Course 3 days TBA TBA
Masterclass: Advanced Web Applications Pen-testing Course 2 days TBA TBA
Masterclass: 360 Pen-testing Course 5 days TBA TBA
Masterclass: Windows Infrastructure Pen-testing 3 days TBA Mike Jankowski-Lorek. Ph.D.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the above Live Virtual Classes, please click the training’s name to find more details.

Technical requirements: Participants need a stable internet connection to take these remote courses. For best learning experience we also need you to have a webcam, headphones and a microphone. Open RDP port 3391 for the connection to the Lab environment is needed as well. We will setup a secure Zoom classroom for every day of the course – we will send you a safe link to join the conference by e-mail.

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