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Our Expertise

Our services range from IT security audits to penetration tests, solution implementations, and customized trainings. CQURE Academy focuses on professional knowledge sharing in different areas and for various audiences – CxOs, IT Pros, and end-users as well.

Remarkable learning experience

We have been designing, developing, and delivering cybersecurity trainings since 2008, as well as helping hundreds of companies worldwide ensure their cybersecurity.

World-renowned Experts
Our instructors are top-notch Cybersecurity Experts, and most of our team members are MVPs – some within the Enterprise Security area. Moreover, they are regular speakers at various events worldwide, usually leaving with The Best Speaker badge.
Practical Approach
Thanks to CQURE Experts’ real-life experience, our courses are always up-to-date with the latest findings, knowledge, and fascinating case studies. Trainers may also tweak the course’s content on the go to match the issues the students face in their work environment.
Course Variety
We provide trainings for IT Security Professionals worldwide, having over 40 deep-dive courses to choose from. We organize live seminars, webinars, workshops, bespoke Masterclasses, and e-learnings that are customized to Client’s needs.
Tailored Solutions
As Experts in the cybersecurity topics we present, we can tailor the content according to your needs making it a fully personalized course. The workshops we deliver can be aimed at audiences at different levels – both technical and non-technical.
Author's Hacking Tools
All alumni of our courses are granted access to our unique CQToolkit, consisting of over 200 authored hacking tools, and other useful materials which they can further explore after the course concludes.
Efficiency and Reliability
Our passion makes us hard workers and our curiosity pushes us to solve any difficult issue that occurs – we treat it as a challenge and keep trying till we solve it. We are regularly tracking current threats, and we are always one step ahead of the hackers.

Who can benefit from the Security Awareness Training?

Cybersecurity awareness is crucial for every Internet user. Therefore, we aligned our content to various audiences so everyone could benefit from the training.

Security Awareness

At CQURE Academy, we believe that cybersecurity education is the key to ensuring well-being and prosperity for any company. In this regard, all employees should become familiar with security awareness, regardless of the position held.
We offer a wide range of training services to raise awareness about common cyber threats to non-technical employees in departments such as Contact Center or Customer Service.
End users are usually the first line of defense against attacks, and by understanding the importance of following security protocols, they can mitigate the risk of possible data breaches and in conclusion, better protect the company data.
The executives are crucial to any company as their knowledge and threat preparedness are the foundation of the company’s security.
During the Security Awareness Session for the top management and C-level employees, there will be a discussion about possible cyber threats, how to effectively identify them, and essential incident response strategies.
This workshop is a must-go for administrators responsible for the organization’s IT section and OT infrastructure.
It will cover securing techniques for the company’s infrastructure, proper incident handling and critical concepts of cybersecurity.
To enhance the incident readiness in your organization, we create a customized, top-quality, and realistic experience your team may learn from.
The exercises will be crafted as bespoke events, created from scratch based on your infrastructure, organizational structure, incident response plan, other documents, and, procedures provided.

Security Awareness Trainings

Protect your business from cyber threats by working with our experienced team of Cybersecurity Experts. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and safeguard your sensitive data.

Other products for Organization

You can choose the most suitable form of training for your employees and benefit from the high-class learning experience.
Bespoke E-learning
The complex and tailored e-learning provides an opportunity for less technical employees to learn about cybersecurity in a user-friendly way through its interactive form. It includes lots of videos, podcasts, infographics, diagrams, animations, quizzes.
TTX - Table-Top Exercises
Known as preparing simulated threat exercises in which participants discuss incident scenarios, as well as verify the organizations’ approach and readiness to certain types of incidents.
Corporate Events
We offer Security Awareness Sessions both online and offline, delivered by world-class Cybersecurity Experts. These sessions are designed for end-users as well as users with more technical backgrounds.

Keep your company CQURED

Alongside technological growth, internet scams are growing at an alarming rate. Attackers are inventing newer and sneakier ways to manipulate their victims. Spreading awareness among the employees about the methods used by cybercriminals is essential to effectively prevent threats and protect your organization’s data. Click below to book a training for your team, leave the rest to us, and give yourself peace of mind about your company’s security.

CQURE Academy is all about you. We are here to help you

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In case of any questions regarding our offer (including pricing, possible training dates, etc.), please feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is at your disposal!


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