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Our work with Organizations

Since 2008, we have helped increase cybersecurity levels in hundreds of various companies worldwide. Throughout the years, we were involved in many successful projects which have strengthened our adaptability to any situation, so now we are always ready to face new challenges.

Why you should consider CQURE Academy

We offer over 40 deep-dive courses with different levels of specialization and difficulty, we developed an original collection of over 200 unique hacking tools, we have over 300 years of collective experience and every year we perform over 800 days of audits, implementations, configurations, and reviews.

Real-life Experience

Our authored CQURE Academy Trainings are based on the knowledge transferred straight from the “battlefield”. All of our instructors are experienced Cybersecurity Experts, who perform consulting work daily.

Customized Trainings

We deliver tailored Security Awareness Trainings for all employees in the forms of e-learning, live sessions, and fascinating podcasts. We also design, develop, and deliver
Table-Top Exercises for both executive and technical teams.

Broad Background

Our Clients range from small organizations to enterprise-size entities, and large governmental institutions – each company needs a different kind of support and that is why we always adjust the course content to our Clients’ current needs.

What we do in CQURE Academy

CQURE Academy focuses on professional knowledge sharing in security-related areas and for various audiences – CxOs, IT Pros, and end-users.
We offer a variety of on-demand courses on all levels of difficulty, for those who want to level up at their own pace. Each course contains practical knowledge enriched with insights from our Experts’ real-life experience.
Our international classrooms allow you to share a unique learning experience with a group of IT pros worldwide. We open a room for live interaction with our world-renowned Experts and for networking within the group.
We provide an opportunity to join in-person cybersecurity training of your choice. Just let us know which course you are interested in, and what is your location and availability – we’ll take care of the rest.
We are always ready to customize our agendas: shorten or extend the training, as well as adjust it accordingly to your organization’s needs, individual requirements, and expectations.

Security Awareness

In the age of fastly developing technologies such as AI, and the constantly increasing number of Internet users, cybercriminals have developed many different ways to scam people, regardless of their job position or life experience. Therefore, each Internet user should be aware of the possible cyber threats to be able to prevent security breaches.

Bespoke E-learning

E-learning provides an opportunity for less technical employees to learn about cybersecurity in a user-friendly way. It includes lots of videos, podcasts, infographics, diagrams, animations, quizzes as well as demonstrations of hacking attacks.

Corporate Events
We offer Security Awareness Sessions both online and offline, delivered by world-class Cybersecurity Experts. These sessions are designed for end-users as well as users with more technical backgrounds.
TTX | Table-Top Exercises
We offer to prepare simulated threat exercises in which participants discuss incident scenarios, as well as verify the organizations’ approach and readiness for certain types of incidents.

We meet your needs

As an experienced team of Cybersecurity Specialists with a passion for sharing their knowledge, we created our course offer with the thought of IT professionalists, cybersecurity geeks, as well as regular Internet users who would like to become aware of the latest cyber threats.

Keep your company CQURED

Our passion makes us hard workers and our curiosity pushes us to solve difficult problems or to keep trying till we do. We are always tracking current threats. We proudly use our knowledge to make sure your infrastructure stays tight and secure. We are here for you!

Let us know about your cybersecurity needs

Our team

In case of any questions regarding our offer (including pricing, possible training dates, etc.), please feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is at your disposal!


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