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After you complete one of our Live Virtual Classes or selected On-Demand Courses you will receive an unique, lifetime valid online certificate. 

Share it safely with the world!  

We issue our certificates via Accredible. Thanks to this platform you will be able to enjoy an easy online access to your Certificate and Badge. What is more, our certificates utilize blockchain verification.

Why CQURE Certificate is so special?

You don’t have to pass any additional exam after the course concludes to get your own personal Certificate of Completion. Moreover, the Certificate provides many practical opportunities.

Ready to gain a new certificate?

All you have to do is choose your favourite course, enjoy improving your Cybersecurity skills during the class and the certificate will be yours right after the last training day. Check all of our available courses below and let’s get this certification!


You will be provided with your Certificate of Completion after the last training day.

The certificates are issued online via Accredible platform.

The direct link to the certificate will be sent to you via e-mail.

Of course! You will be able to share it easily on LinkedIn by clicking one button as well as download the certificate in .pdf or .jpg on your device and share it on other social media platforms.

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