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Our goal is to create a customized, top-quality, and realistic experience your team may learn from. The exercises will be crafted as bespoke events for both executive and technical teams.

What is TTX?

Table-Top Exercises, also known as TTX, are unique and fully customized services in our offer. Our approach is to prepare simulated threat exercises in which participants discuss incident scenarios and verify the organizations’ approach and readiness for certain types of incidents.

The idea of TTX

Our role will be to design, develop, and facilitate the activity and afterward deliver a summary not only of the scenarios played but also of our Experts’ recommendations for your organization.
Based on the target group, the exercise may take form of an Executive Table-Top Exercise (TTX) or a Technical Table-Top Exercise with Live-Fire Exercise elements (TTX/LFX).
What is unique in our approach is that we craft non-linear, evolving scenarios that are both realistic and interesting to the individuals participating in the exercise.
We are ready to deliver the training remotely, on-site, or as a hybrid experience (with some of the participants participating remotely).
Matching with Needs
The duration of the single exercise is usually 4-8 hours long: together we will choose the most appropriate format for your Team during the design and development stage of our cooperation.
The final shape of each engagement will be prepared based on our expertise and your insights regarding planning, designing, development, delivery, and reporting.
CQURE Experts will provide you with information about your company’s security, and your employees’ abilities to react to certain types of incidents, as well as advise you if these aspects may be improved.


The Table-Top Exercise will be composed of three elements: Scenario, Modules, and Injects.

TTX variants

Bearing in mind various levels of advancement in terms of technical topics in your organization, we designed and developed two different variants of the TTX so that every employee will be able to fully benefit from this learning experience.
During this non-technical exercise, the participants will be presented with a fictional, yet realistic cybersecurity incident scenario.
All materials will be prepared by CQURE in a way that allows all participants to approach the subject even without any prior knowledge of cybersecurity procedures within the organization.
This kind of exercise usually is performed with the participation of the members of the Executive Team, and the Incident Responders such as Legal, Compliance, HR, PR, and IT Teams.
During this activity, you will not only have to deal with many fictional challenges but also test your ability to respond to them in the real world.
This TTX/LFX activity will allow you to test your incident readiness both in terms of procedures for particular scenarios and of the real capability of restoring and accessing data in case of a cybersecurity incident.
This kind of exercise usually is performed with the participation of the members of the Technical Teams such as the SOC Team, Security Team, Data recovery Team, Disaster recovery Team, or others, as well as the Incident Responders: Legal, Compliance, HR, PR, and IT Teams.
Please note: this exercise IS NOT an evaluation of your team: it serves as a rehearsal, simulation, and an opportunity to practice and test incident readiness.

TTX overview

The low-stress environment allows rehearsal and serves a better understanding of the organization’s approach to various security-related situations.

Other products for Organization

You can choose the most suitable form of training for your employees and benefit from the high-class learning experience.
Bespoke E-learning
The complex and tailored e-learning provides an opportunity for less technical employees to learn about cybersecurity in a user-friendly way through its interactive form.
Corporate Events

We offer Security Awareness Sessions both online and offline. These sessions are designed for end-users as well as users with more technical backgrounds.

Trainings & Courses
We offer over 40 deep-dive online as well as on-demand courses with different levels of specialization and difficulty within various training subject paths to choose from.

Keep your company CQURED

Meanwhile the technological growth, the number of internet scams is growing at an alarming rate. Attackers are inventing newer and sneakier ways to manipulate their victims. Spreading awareness among the employees about the methods used by cybercriminals is essential to effectively prevent threats and protect your organization’s data. Click below to book a training for your team, leave the rest to us and give yourself peace of mind about your company’s security.

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