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We create interactive courses that help non-technical employees with the acquisition of knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

Our work

We are experienced in developing e-learning programs aimed at raising the Cybersecurity Awareness among employees. Each of the e-learning projects that we have developed is receiving outstanding reviews from the end-users.

Why e-learning?

At CQURE we believe that the most efficient way of teaching is to methodologically include elements involving hearing, sight, experience and simulation.
Proven Method
CQURE’s method of knowledge delivery is compliant with international research on effectiveness and way of transferring knowledge. Our materials meet the basic principles of effective learning through listening, seeing, experiencing, and simulation.
Enjoyable Learning
Our e-learning consists of recorded video lessons with subtitles option, engaging podcasts, quizzes, interactive exercises, animations, intriguing infographics, and real case studies.
Only Latest Knowledge
Besides their daily work, our Experts are truly passionate about cybersecurity world. They are always searching for new trends and latest findings in this field so they can convert it directly into the courses.
Intriguing Demos
When we talk about a proper cybersecurity behavior, we show the users multiple real-life examples of how hackers may exploit seemingly simple mistakes, including both the victim’s and the hacker’s perspective.
World-renowned Experts
All of our instructors are top-notch Cybersecurity Experts, and most of our team members are MVPs – some within the Enterprise Security area. They will be your finest guides through the cybersecurity world.
Full Customization
The layout of the e-learning and the contents may be customized and tweaked to match your Corporate Identity, internal procedures, software used and solutions implemented.

E-learning timeline

Depending on the number of amendments needed after the first delivered version of the course, we are able to deliver a final product in approx. 3 months from the start of the project development.

Agenda example

Although we create tailored solutions based on the Client’s needs, we prepared an agenda example in order to propose a substantial scope and visualize our e-learning offer.
Why Cybersecurity is important? In this module we will do the overview of the current threats, we will discuss the cybersecurity culture, social engineering, and attacks using manipulation techniques.
Then we will go through protection against phishing, our passwords’ safety and explain how cybercriminals collect our data.
In this module we will discuss the examples of cyberatacks and discuss how they happened, and what is the end-user role.
Then we will go through the types of cyberattacks and threats, what “incident” means in cybersecurity, who is the “hacker”, how he operates, private devices’ safety, data leakage, data theft, and many more.
The second module will be about the password safety – why everyone can be a hacker’s target, how can we check if someone knows my password, as well as how to create a strong, unique password.
After that, we will discuss trivial passwords, how the hackers break them, credential manager, and at the end it will be covered Multi-Factor Authentication, SmartCard, tokens and other tools strengthening authenticating.

In the Module 3 there will be discussion on the types of USB devices, how it becomes a part of the attack, and why some of the organizations entirely block the possibility of using the external USB devices.

We will learn how to safeguard the USB carrier and safely transfer data through them, as well as what should we do when we lost our USB device.
In the 4th module there will be discussion on how the hackers are trying to acquiring information from all of us, how the real examples of using a social engineering looks like and what can they cause.
Then, we will focus on social engineering in practice, spear phishing, multi-vector attacks, dangerous SMS messages, suspisious calls, and social engineering in social media.

Keep your company CQURED

Meanwhile the technological growth, the number of internet scams is growing at an alarming rate. Attackers are inventing newer and sneakier ways to manipulate their victims. Spreading awareness among the employees about the methods used by cybercriminals is essential to effectively prevent threats and protect your organization’s data. Click below to book a training for your team, leave the rest to us and give yourself peace of mind about your company’s security.

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In case of any questions regarding our offer (including pricing, possible training dates, etc.), please feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is at your disposal!


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