Are you seeking for an opportunity:

  1. To skill up quickly in a particular cybersecurity specialization,
  2. Get familiar with real cybersecurity cases,
  3. Learn foolproof tricks to secure an organization’s IT infrastructure?

The CyberBytes trainings are developed to provide practical skills required of cybersecurity professionals. Each training is focused on a specific area and problems: risk management and mitigation, access control and authorization methods, disaster recovery practices and standards, pentesting and forensics techniques or common vulnerabilities in Windows operating systems.

Don’t take the bait – take the CyberByte from world-class cybersecurity pros, who handle real-life cybersecurity challenges for over 15 years:

Pentesting on Azure Advanced Attacks on Active Directory Cheating on Windows

Users and System Secrets Monitoring of Windows 2019 Data Protection Techniques

points of entry whitelisitng Infrastructure pentesting