About Us

We Will Turn You Into a Windows Security Expert By Sharing
Our Expertise & The Most Up-To-Date Tools
(And a Few Geeky Jokes, too)

CQURE Consulting

Our Mission

In the IT industry we’ve reached the point where there are not enough cyber
security experts with the latest knowledge and skills.

According to the industry’s statistics, in 2021 We are already short of over 3,5 million security professionals all around the world with the skills needed to effectively protect the system.

(Let that sink in for a moment.)

We want to fix this — and we need YOU.

What excites us the most is sharing what we know with other IT experts.
Especially if they are already skilled and want to seriously level up their game.

How We Do It

CQURE was formed in 2008 in Poland and since then has expanded to the rest of Europe,
the Americas, Middle East and Asia – as well as opening offices in New York and in Dubai.

Our services range from IT security audits, to penetration tests, solution
implementations and customized trainings.

We share our expertise both offline (at seminars and conferences) and online (through
videos and blog posts). Our benchmark is to bring you at least three NEW
cybersecurity solutions, tools or tricks every week.


Events & Media

We love sharing our knowledge at conferences. Paula does it with so much passion, she usually leaves an event with The Best Speaker badge. We had also appeared in press — so you might have seen us in quite few places by now.

Our Experts

Paula Januszkiewicz

Founder and CEO of CQURE

Paula has extensive experience in security projects and has conducted
hundreds of security analyses (even for government organizations).
Within CQURE she devoted herself to her passions: Penetration Tests,
Audits, Architecture Consulting and creating Trainings & Seminars.

Paula delivers training on:
Security, Operating Systems, Windows Internals, Internet Information Services, Public Key Infrastructure, Active Directory, Powershell and other Microsoft Technologies

Speaker at events & conferences:
Paula is also a top speaker on many well-known conferences like TechEd North America, TechEd Europe, TechEd Middle East, RSA, TechDays, CyberCrime.
She was also rated as the best speaker at Microsoft Ignite 2015.

Highest Level Certifications:
Enterprise Security MVP and trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor, CQURE Academy Security Master.

Paula enjoys researching new technologies and converting her findings
into leading-edge training (she’s already created six globally-recognized
programs). She also wrote a book on Threat Management Gateway 2010
and she’s currently working on the next one… so stay tuned for more.

Kenneth Wong

U.S. Director and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

His ability in developing strong relationships with all customers, from small to enterprise level allows all customers to feel comfortable that he can find the right solutions for any type of issue. He takes tremendous pride in positioning himself to truly help our customers and bring them to a state of strong and stable IT security.

Prior to joining CQURE, Ken served as IT Management in multiple industries consisting of healthcare, retail, biotechnology, and finance. His specialization has refined through the years to develop and design infrastructures with security as a primary requirement.  Ken has rebuilt multiple infrastructures from the ground up in existing production environments with zero downtime.  He has extensive experience in implementing ERP/CRM systems (Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Epicor, Sage, and NetSuite) and holds multiple certifications: MCSE (Microsoft), CCNA (Cisco), VCP (VMWare), and CCA (Citrix). Ken continues to work closely with InfraGuard, a non-profit organization serving as a public-private partnership between U.S. businesses and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Ken has also been an expert witness to high profile federal cases regarding cybersecurity crimes and helped prove false evidence in the matter.

Kenneth leads CQURE’s long-term technology vision, and is responsible for business development, technical operations, team collaboration, and advanced cybersecurity research. He also facilitates the technical communities within CQURE in North America.

In private, he is the active type – weight training, running obstacle races, practicing Wing Chun, and continuing to scuba diving around the world. He believes: “If you choose a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Kamil Bączyk

Senior Infrastructure & Security Expert

Kamil deeply believes that combining work and hobby is the key to success. In CQURE he has his heart and soul in the Microsoft infrastructure, cloud and security solutions. Kamil’s experience allows him to perform architecture consulting, penetration tests and authored trainings and seminars.

Kamil delivers training on:
Windows Security, Troubleshooting, Skype for Business, Office 365, Public Key Infrastructure, Internet Information Services, Powershell, Identity Management, Cloud Solutions, SharePoint.

Highest Level Certifications:
Most Valuable Professional (MVP): Office Servers and Services, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), CQURE Academy Security Master.

Kamil is an ex-gamer and an addicted workaholic. He is a technology geek fixated on drones and flying, a car enthusiast, currently in love with BMW. Kamil shares his research, knowledge and passion at conferences and IT events. Following the maxim regarding SharePoint: “you love it or hate it” he truly enjoys being in the SharePoint environments and trusts cloud solutions.

Chris Pietrzak

Infrastructure Architect & Security Expert

Chris is a true geek that follows the maxim: everything is possible it is just a matter of time! As for day-to-day work at CQURE he designs and implements solutions for Security, Network & Management area, mainly for various platforms, he is an architect for various network solutions from HP and CISCO, and edge solutions from CheckPoint, Fortinet and SonicWall.

Chris delivers training on:
Edge Security (Microsoft IAG/UAG/ISA/TMG, Fortinet, CheckPoint), Core Infrastructure (Active Directory, Active Directory Federation Services, Exchange, Skype for Business, Internet Information Services), Public Key Infrastructure, Powershell, Kerberos Interoperability (OsX, Linux, Apache, Java, Smartcards), Anywhere Access – SSLVPNs, DirectAccess, Mobile Device Management, Cloud Solutions.

Highest Level Certifications:
Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator, Microsoft Certified Trainer,(ISC) 2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional, (ISC)2 System Security Certified Practitioner, Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer, Certified Information Systems Auditor, CQURE Academy Security Master.

Chris likes to travel and become familiar with different cultures, he likes to walk… in general wherever possible, especially in the mountains. He likes to drive his sport car and ride a motobike.

Michał Jankowski-Lorek

Cloud Solutions & Machine Learning Expert

Michael designs and implements solutions for Databases, Network & Management area, mainly for Microsoft platform. As for day-to-day work, he works as Solution Architect, designing and planning database related solutions and software, mainly based on Microsoft and Oracle servers. He also designs and administers IT Infrastructure based on Microsoft systems and network solution from CISCO.

Michał delivers training on:
Machine Learning, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Integration, Windows Security, ADFS, Cloud solutions, PowerShell, Designing Databases, Programing Database, Database Security, .Net Development.

Highest Level Certifications:
Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), CQURE Academy Security Master.

He likes sailing on the sea and the ocean. Michael being a typical geek likes all of the possible math riddles which he does really well. Michael is additionally interested in Big data, High Availability and real time analytics especially when combined with machine learning and artificial intelligent or natural language processing. He is currently finishing PhD thesis in which he is combining academic knowledge, professional experience and strong technical skills.

Kama Jankowska-Lorek

EMEA and USA Sales Director

Kama is a member of our ‘invisible team’. With over 10 years’ experience with IT professionals, she is responsible for smooth and seamless work of our Experts. All the planning, scheduling, contracts – this is Kama’s job. So next time you have some questions regarding CQURE’s services, no matter if this is about penetration tests, audits, customized trainings, consulting or implementations – ‘Who you gonna call?’ And the answer is not Ghostbuster, but Kama! She will take good care of you, no matter where you are from.


Kama is in charge of our major Clients – starting from first contact till the end of the project. She is also a magic link between the Clients and our Experts. When someone should know what is going on in the company – this is Kama.


Another workaholic in our team, though she prefers to be called a work enthusiast. Being a creative type, in her free time she likes to express her artistic self. Lately she has taken up ukulele! She also loves travelling. She always says ‘The adventure starts at the end of your comfort zone’.

Krystian Zieja

Systems Architect and Solutions Expert

Krystian is a professional Infrastructure and Database Consultant with over 15 years of extensive experience in designing IT solutions. His practice spans from teaching Oracle Courses in OAI at University, to providing services for big public and consulting companies serving Clients from four continents.


Krystian is an enthusiastic, hard-working individual with an interest in new technologies allowing for further development of his skills. In his everyday life, he is keen on sports such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, shooting, box, judo, swimming and bicycles (just to name a few!).

Highest level certification:


Matus Puskar

Security Expert

Matus Puskar is CQURE’s Expert with over 5 years of experience as Tester and Technical Analyst in financial technology, with special focus on smartPOS devices. He has worked for Financial industry and gained wide knowledge about various standards and their implementation in Financial institutions (PCI, EMV, CUP, EFTPOS…)

Matus is passionate about learning and exploring new technologies, currently focusing on Cryptography and Blockchain. He loves skiing and playing on bass guitar.

Michael Grafnetter

Identity, Cloud & Security Architect

Michael is an expert on Windows Security and PowerShell and holds a master’s degree in Software Engineering. He is the author of the open-source Directory Services Internals (DSInternals) PowerShell module and Thycotic Weak Password Finder, tools used by security auditors and penetration testers worldwide. His unique DSInternals Framework exposes many undocumented Active Directory security features and it has already been integrated into multiple 3rd -party solutions for Identity Management and Active Directory Disaster Recovery. He started his career as a web application developer, but his focus soon shifted to system administration and information security.


In his free time, Michael likes building his own IoT devices. His favorite pastimes also include cycling, hillwalking and ballroom dancing.

What Others Say About Us

Our Expertise

Windows Internals
System Services, Group Managed Service Accounts, Permissions, Privileges, Operating System Security, File and Registry Security, PowerShell, Automation, Offline Access
Identity Theft Protection
Identifying Passwords Locations, Cryptographic Protection for Passwords, Authentication and Authorization, Authentication Protocols, Pass-the-Hash, Pass-the-Ticket, Local Admin Password Solution, Data Protection API, CredentialGuard
Penetration Testing
Detecting Points of Access, Network Related Points of Entry, Offline Access, Elevating Privileges, Spreading Across the Network, Offline Analysis, Organization of Penetration Test, Creating Reports
Malware Analysis, Virus, Worms, Trojans, Spywares, Ransomware, Detecting Malicious Code, Application Whitelisting, Code Signing
High Availability
Encryption, Rights Management Services, File Classification Infrastructure, Secure Access to Files and Folders, Clustering, Business Continuity, Load Balancing
Secure Server
Harderning Windows, Security Compliance Manager, Internet Information Server, SQL Server, Network Security, Denial of Service
Forensics Scenarios, Gathering Evidence, Analyzing Disks, Analyzing Network Traffic, Offline and Online Analysis, Disk Based Artefacts, Memory Analysis, Documenting Findings
Server Monitoring
Detecting Malware, Behavioral Analysis, Useful Tools, Performance Monitoring, Event Logs, Event Tracing, Analyzing Logs, Detecting Issues, Creating Baselines, Response Automation, Auditing
Incident Response
Identifying Incidents, Creating Response Plans, Incident Response Team Organization, Gathering Evidence