CQURE Certification

When you complete one of our Live Virtual Classes or select On-Demand courses we provide you with a unique, online certificate.

What is wonderful about our certification is that it is lifetime valid with no renewal fees – the technology changes, but fundamentals and attitude remain mostly the same. When you receive one of our Virtual Certificates, you are also entitled to collect the CPE Points.

We issue our certificates via Accredible. Thanks to this platform you will enjoy an easy online access to your Certificate and Badge. Accredible also features the “Add to LinkedIn” button which allows you to easily to share your accomplishment with your colleagues. For your security our certificates utilize a blockchain verification and bank-level encryption.

Already took our courses in the past? If you would like to have your past certificates issued via Accredible, please contact our training department.

You can find all the data processing details related to our certification right here.