by CQURE Expert Mike Jankowski-Lorek, Ph.D.

The CyberBytes are virtual trainings developed to provide practical skills required of cybersecurity professionals. Take the CyberByte from world-class cybersecurity pros and stand up to the pace of fast-changing cybersecurity landscape.



Are you effectively using Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to create a more secure environment?

Windows Defender ATP leverages state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to help you identify suspicious behaviour, flag it before a system is breached, and prevent any damage from happening to the company’s network or customers’ information.

We’re going to show you how to implement security solutions using machine learning techniques so you can detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks and data breaches faster in our advanced CyberBytes course, “Machine Learning for Cybersecurity”.

This byte-sized, intensive virtual training is a pre-recorded extract taken from our popular Advanced Windows Security Course 2018 edition. In just a little over 2 hours, you’ll learn how to use Windows Defender ATP and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) to build an “intelligent defence army” that helps you remain a step ahead of hackers.

We highly recommend this advanced training for security operators, security administrators and any cybersecurity expert eager to quickly upskill and advance their career.

How is this training different?

Short and Intense

Time is precious, that’s why we squeezed the best from the topic into a format designed to feed you with knowledge in short time. Effective solution designed to maximize learning.

Level: Advanced

Going deep and straight to the advanced stuff. Expect a bit of steam coming out of your ears as we’ll be covering: why machine learning is important for cybersecurity, demo: Misleading classic AV systems, 4 segments machine learning can apply to in cybersecurity, understanding the role of Windows Defender ATP, demo: Windows Defender ATP and much more!

Hands-on Training

The training is extensively hands-on as it has been designed by passionate practitioners and obsessive researchers from CQURE Team.

World-Class Expert

We’re bringing you one of our experts – Mike Jankowski-Lorek, Ph.D. as your teacher.

Training Formula

Intense Deep-dive

New format for busy professionals that enables you to skill up in a specific area quickly.

Action Packed

Pull out the popcorn because things are going to get exciting. You’ll learn how to use new solutions to solve security issues and risks, fight back against malicious attacks, and mitigate abnormal behaviour.

One Year Access

You’ll get a full year of access to all the materials.

Extra Materials

We’ve prepared list of commands, slides and video recording for students to keep.

3 Machine Learning Protection Demos Included

Seeing is understanding! This intensive training includes 3 demos that showcase what you can  really achieve with machine learning, from behavioral analytics to threat intelligence and more.

Training Syllabus

Module 1

Machine Learning for Cybersecurity


If you are a security operator, security administrators, or cybersecurity expert with aspirations in this field, this training will equip you with a new, exciting approach to cybersecurity.


Topics covered:

  1. The difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning in cybersecurity.
  2. The confusion matrix and the 4-stage machine learning lifecycle.
  3. Why machine learning is important for cybersecurity.
  4. Demo: Misleading classic AV systems.
  5. Machine learning challenges in IT security.
  6. Four segments that machine learning can apply to in cybersecurity.
  7. Understanding the role of Windows Defender ATP.
  8. Demo: Windows Defender ATP
  9. Understanding the benefits, features, and mechanics of Microsoft ATA. 
  10. Demo: Microsoft ATA
  11. Busting 5 myths of machine learning in cybersecurity.

Please note that this training is one of the modules of the Advanced Windows Security Course 2018. And it is recommended for cybersecurity specialists and requires familiarity with Windows 10/Windows Server and Mimikatz.

Your teacher

Michał Jankowski-Lorek, Ph.D.


Mike Jankowski-Lorek, Ph.D. is a Cloud Solutions & Machine Learning Expert at CQURE. He is data scientist, solution architect, developer and consultant.

Mike designs and implements solutions for Databases, data analysis and natural language processing. He is interested in Big data, High Availability and real-time analytics especially when combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence or NLP.

Mike has recently defended his PhD thesis in which he combined academic knowledge, professional experience and strong technical skills!

Holder of many IT certificates such as MCT, MCP and MCDBA.

Who Is It For

Intermediate to Advanced
Windows Security Professionals

If you want to level up in a specific area fast, this training is for you. We promise to challenge your ways of thinking and executing.

Cybersecurity Specialists

Recommended especially to Security Administrator, and also to any cybersecurity specialist familiar with Windows 10/Windows Server, Mimikatz.

Brave Newbies

If you are a newbie bear in mind that the training WILL NOT cover the basics — so it might be a bit challenging for you. The cool thing is that you will be granted lifetime access to the materials so you can learn the topic in your own pace whenever you want.


  • Access to 2-hour recorded practical lesson
  • Training materials to download
  • The virtual training covers: the difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning in cybersecurity, the confusion matrix and the 4-stage machine learning lifecycle, why machine learning is important for cybersecurity, machine learning challenges in IT security, 4 segments that machine learning can apply to in cybersecurity, understanding the role of Windows Defender ATP, understanding the benefits, features, and mechanics of Microsoft ATA, busting 5 myths of machine learning in cybersecurity.
  • 3 demos included: Microsoft ATA, Misleading classic AV systems, Windows Defender AT
  • One year of access to video recording and training materials for you to keep and get back to whenever needed.

Machine Learning for Cybersecurity