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Cyber-heroes Wanted: Fighting the Invisible Threats of Cybercrime

Since the onset of computers and the internet evolved our lifestyle into a digital realm, so too has crime. Today, we don’t just face the threat of a pickpocket running away with our wallets. Our wallets, or more specifically our bank accounts, could be hacked even when we’re tucked in our beds at home, safe and sound.


There are numerous ways a cybercriminal can hack a system, such as through phishing, malware, or ransomware, leading to data breaches that can severely cripple a company and cost the privacy of individuals. Even human mistakes can create vulnerabilities that open the door to a host of cybercrimes such as email and internet fraud, identity fraud, cyberextortion, ransomware attacks, mining malware, financial theft using card payment data or cryptojacking, and cyberespionage to access confidential and sensitive government or company data.


As long as the internet exists, cybercrime will be here to stay. No industry or population is safe.


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