1 Day Forensics and Prevention Mastery Course

The New Reality Edition

Learn how to collect and analyze latent evidence and defend against future cyber-attacks.
*A must-do for enterprise administrators, infrastructure architects, system engineers & other IT professional responsible for cybersecurity


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How To Outsmart The Hackers

Cyber-crime is booming as threat actors seek to exploit the increased online dependency and mass migration to remote working triggered by the global health pandemic.

Phishing and stolen or compromised credentials were responsible for 16% and 15% of breaches, respectively, with phishing moving into the lead spot by a small margin over stolen credentials, which was the most common vector in the 2022 report (IBM Data Breach Report 2023)

In this current climate of spoofed domains and cleverly faked emails, demand for digital forensics skills has never been higher. Organizations are wising up to the fact that by discovering how an attacker gained entry to a system, similar attacks can be prevented.

This intensive 1-day Forensics and Prevention Mastery Course will train you how to think like a hacker so you can evaluate your infrastructure for exploitable vulnerabilities and how to recover the evidence attackers leave behind.

Surprisingly few cybersecurity professionals have mastered the internal OS protection mechanisms and secure infrastructure configurations that should be the first line of defense in every organization.

1 Day to Forensics and Prevention Mastery: The New Reality Edition is the only course you will find that leverages our unique set of more than 200 CQURE tools and it’s taught by the first and only team to reverse engineer the data protection API.

Course Formula


You’ll get access to the pre-recorded classes (5 modules consisting of about 7 hours of video tutorials) on our special interactive platform.


You can finish all the 6 modules in a day or spread it over a few weeks. The decision is yours.

Extra Materials

You’ll get author’s unique tools to download, plus over 300 pages of exercises and presentation slides with notes.

12-Month Access

You’ll get a full year online access to the course. The downloads are yours to keep.

Updated Knowledge

The course is packed with the newest cybersecurity findings, insights and tools.

Interactive classroom

After every class you’ll be able to ask questions.

Course Syllabus

Module 1

Introduction to Incident Response and Handling


  • Let’s start with the attack! Live attack scenario
  • Introduction to Incident Response and Handling
  • Incident Response Plan Steps and Checklist

Module 2

System Security Mechanisms


  • Permissions, Privileges, Rights and Access Tokens
  • Services Architecture
  • Data Protection API
  • Passwords security and techniques for extracting passwords

Module 3

Handling Malicious Code Incidents


  • Malware Principals
  • Detecting and analysis of malicious software
  • Tools for malware analysis and malware case study

Module 4

Securing Monitoring Operations and Evidence Gathering


  • Evidence Gathering Techniques
  • Memory Dump Collection
  • Disk Dump Collection
  • Understanding Windows Security Event Log Sysmon

Module 5

Forensics Basics


  • Gathering basic forensic information
  • Memory Dump analysis
  • Prefetch
  • Automatic Destinations
  • USB Analysis
  • USN Journal
  • Windows Registry Analysis
  • Windows Indexing Service
  • Deleted Files Recovery

Module 6

Hackers Perspective on Remote Working – Attack prevention in 2020


  • The Importance of Cybersecurity Right Now
  • Remote Work: Requirements and Cybersecurity Concerns
  • Attacks and Scenarios
  • Securing Tips and Tricks
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Paula Januszkiewicz

Founder and CEO of CQURE

Paula Januszkiewicz, MVP, MCT and Microsoft Regional Director has 15 years of experience in the cybersecurity field, performing penetration tests, architecture consulting, trainings and seminars. She has performed hundreds of security projects, including those for governmental organizations and big enterprises, at the same time being a top speaker and a keynote speaker at many well-known conferences, including Microsoft Ignite (rated No 1 Speaker among 1100 speakers at a conference with 26000 attendees), RSA (in 2017 in San Francisco her session was one of the 5 hottest sessions), Black Hat, CyberCrime etc., where she is often rated as No 1 speaker. Her presentations gather thousands of people. In 2019, Paula’s presentation was voted best of Black Hat Asia 2019 Briefings!

Who Is It For

Enterprise administrators

Infrastructure architects

Security professionals

Systems engineers

Network administrators

Security consultants

If you need to register for the course while your company proceeds with formalities,
please contact us at info@cqureacademy.com

What CQURE Academy Students say

All of their classes are based on their real world experience with the products, not just the typical Official Curriculum style classes that teach you things for an exam, but that you will never use. You’ll find that all of the material you’ll learn in the class will be used, at some point, in your security career.

Jack Perry

Security Principal Consultant | Presidio

Totally professional, total great stuff, in-depth knowledge and a perfect Learning Atmosphere! I like it! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and knowledge!

Martin Weber

CTO | IT.innovation.4U GmbH

Let me start by saying Paula is amazing!! The passion for the topic really shows. As an engineer with 16 years of experience, I am impressed. Thank you for the education, and entertainment.

Dave Kordyban

Network Engineer | Garrett County Government

Once Again, What Are You Getting

  • You’ll get access to an intensive online course, divided into 6 modules (about 8 hours of video tutorials in total).
  • The syllabus covers topics like: Introduction to Incident Response and Handling, System and Network Security Mechanisms, Handling Malicious Code Incidents, Securing Monitoring Operations, Forensics Basics, Attack Prevention.
  • The course has an interactive, hands-on formula.
  • All the video recordings and extra materials are yours to keep for a full 12 months from the start of the program.


Join The Course With Certificate
  • Prerecorded 8 hours video tutorials
  • Includes 6 modules
  • Fresh content from real case scenarios
  • Created by TOP industry experts
  • 12 months access
  • Official CQURE certificate

Join The Course Without Certificate
  • Prerecorded 8 hours video content
  • Includes 6 modules
  • Fresh content from real case scenarios
  • Created by TOP industry experts
  • 12 months access