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Bring Out the Cake! CQURE Celebrates Ten Years!

Back when we first started technology was much simpler and things like network spoofing were major security threats. [Don’t laugh!] Since then our CEO and founder Paula Januszkiewicz has scooped numerous awards and our team has grown to include over 40 dedicated and super-skilled people at offices in four different countries. We’ve hit a lot […]

[BlackHat Asia 2019] CQTools: The New Ultimate Hacking Toolkit 

On March 27 and 28, 2019, Paula presented Briefings and Arsenal sessions at Black Hat Asia 2019 in Singapore. You can find below all the details about team-made CQTools and become familiar with the newest and really exciting tools our Team has prepared for Singapore. >>> Scroll down to learn more, check the slides & […]

[NT Conference 2019] Vulnerabilities in Credentials & How to Fix Them

On May 23rd, at the 24th NT Conference in Portorož, Slovenia, you could meet Mike Jankowski-Lorek, our Cloud Security and Database Expert. During his speech, Mike presented the traps of technology in credential security and showed tips on how to avoid them. >>> Scroll down to view slides from Mike’s session and gain even more […]

[RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan 2019] Overtake the hacker’s moves thanks to the tips from Paula’s keynote session!

Do you know that 87% of breached companies did not have security policies and they even did not implement any security awareness education program for employees?  If you took part in Paula Januszkiewicz’s keynote session at the RSA Conference in Singapore, then you probably already know this – any many more industry insights!  If you didn’t have the chance, then it’s high time to […]

[RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan 2019] Fatal signs: 10 symptoms when you think you’ve been hacked

After a recent success as a keynote speaker, Paula returns to the RSA Conference series with another valuable cybersecurity speech. Her session on July 18th revealed to you Fatal signs: 10 symptoms when you think you’ve been hacked.  >> Scroll down to view slides and tools from Paula’s session and gain even more valuable knowledge >>> As the new malware trends evolved during the last year, trying to blend in day-to-day admin operations or using machine learning to make malware harder to analyze, we […]

[Black Hat Europe 2019] – Michael Grafnetter’s Briefings


Briefings Today our Advanced Windows Security Expert, Michael Grafnetter presented Exploiting Windows Hello for Business during the Briefing at Black Hat Europe 2019 in London. Find the description, slides, and tools below! Exploiting Windows Hello for Business In Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Windows Hello for Business […]

[Black Hat Europe 2019] Arsenal – CQForensic: The Efficient Forensic Toolkit


Today Paula Januszkiewicz and Mike Jankowski-Lorek presented CQURE’s forensic toolkit during the Arsenal session at Black Hat Europe 2019 in London. Find the description and tools below! CQForensic: The Efficient Forensic Toolkit CQForensic Toolkit enables you to perform detailed computer forensic examinations. It guides you through the information gathering process providing data for analysis and […]

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