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[Black Hat Europe 2019] Video Summary



It’s been already 3 weeks since CQURE Academy Team presented the newest tools and solutions during #BHEU 2019. 

It means, that it’s time for a little summary of the event! 

London edition was exceptionally intense for us, as our experts were hosting 2 Arsenals, one Briefing and a 2-day training on Red Team – Blue Team Operations. 

During the 240 minutes of Briefings and Arsenals, we were sharing our experience in the field of Windows Hello for Business, DSInternals PowerShell Module and the efficient CQForensic Toolkit with you. 

If you’d like to travel back in time and explore Black Hat Europe again, together with Paula Januszkiewicz, Mike Jankowski-Lorek, and Michael Grafnetter, you have a great opportunity! 

Below you will find the video report, that we’ve prepared 👇 

And if you would like to go back to the slides and tools from Black Hat in London, here you can find the links: 


1) Paula’s and Mike’s Arsenal: https://cqu.re/arsenal_bheu  

2) Michael Grafnetter’s Briefing: https://cqu.re/briefings_bh  

If you have any questions please drop us a message via our contact form.

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