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How we helped keep an alleged “hacker” out of 70 years in prison

First hacking case in history won by the defenders

Thanks to the great work of the case attorney Simone Bertollini and CQURE’s team and our pretty amazing know-how this is the first hacking case in history that was WON by the defenders! “The CQURE Team identified serious flaws in the government’s investigation.  They helped me do justice for Gasperini” – stated Simone Bertollini. Learn […]

[BlackHat USA 2019] CQForensic: The efficient Forensic Toolkit

After this year’s Black Hat Asia, it’s time for Paula to rock at the Black Hat USA in Las Vegas! Following 4 days of intense training, on August 7th Paula held her inspiring speech about CQURE’s authoring forensic tool – CQForensic. >> Scroll down to view slides and tools from Paula’s session and gain even […]

How Forensic Experts Use Windows Prefetch

How Forensic Experts Use Windows Prefetch

Prefetch files offer a digital snapshot of events inside your Windows operating system (OS). Because they are created when an executable program is run from a particular location for the very first time, forensic specialists can use these files to determine what was running and when. In the event of a cyber-attack, the timeline of […]

10 things you should know about Incident Response and Forensics in 2023

2022 in the cybersecurity consulting world has been absolutely intense. Still, there is room for cybersecurity posture improvement. Besides the regular penetration tests that we deliver, we have also dealt with too many incidents happening on the Customers’ side. Even though every story is unique, they all have a couple of things in common. Here […]

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