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The new e-learning programme for PKO Bank Polski

At CQURE we use our knowledge to make sure your company stays secure. That’s why we are pleased to inform that we’ve delivered yet another fantastic project to our esteemed Client, PKO Bank Polski.   

When it comes to security management in a corporate environment, companies tend to invest more in infrastructure rather than training their employees. The human factor is always the weakest link – even the most secured information or account can be hacked due to lack of vigilance, so education is a vital part of security breach prevention.

Cybersecurity Academy

That’s why, when PKO Bank Polski asked us to prepare for their Team a dedicated training programme in a form of e-learning, we couldn’t say ‘no’. The project, which covered topics related to cybersecurity, involved all employees (22k people!) from the organisation and was conducted in the form of e-learning classes.

The agenda consisted of practical information about various types of attacks, as well as social engineering techniques such as impersonation and phishing, with real-life examples and amusing demos. Participants also gained valuable knowledge on how to avoid security risks when performing their daily tasks, and how to protect their computers and mobile devices from unauthorised accessing sensitive data.

Modules of the e-learning program included e.g.:

  • Security of passwords and user accounts
  • Why Can USB Devices Be Extremely Dangerous?
  • Phishing and Social Engineering
  • Email Security
  • Using Wi-Fi and Remote work security
  • Security of mobile devices

Positive feedback

After completing the training modules, the Bank’s employees shared their positive feedback:

The training was very clear and easily understandable; it included the most important information and many practical case studies. There was no knowledge overload, which could result in boredom. It’s also good that you brought our attention to careless sharing of personal data on social media. Everything was explained to us in layman’s terms.

I’m impressed with the e-learning course. It was very interesting and easy to understand. Good job!

I watched all the training sessions and they were great. Everything was explained in an approachable way. Thank you for showing us some very good examples of how to create a strong password.

We’re looking forward to the next opportunity to share our passion for cybersecurity!

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