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How to Recover Corrupted EVTX Log Files and Extract Information

Corrupted log files create a serious issue for administrators and digital forensic experts who need to view their contents. In this tutorial by cybersecurity expert Paula Januszkiewicz, you’ll learn how to recover corrupted EVTX log files and how to access logs that are processed in the memory and make them readable.

Find out:

  •  how to recover corrupted EVTX log files
  •  recover log files directly from a memory dump

Watch the full video for more details and examples.

Tools for EVTX file recovery

Our experts developed this particular tool because there are so few options available online for fixing EVTX files. Try our CQEVTXRecovery tool. It is up to: 

  • fix corrupted log files
  • get access to some logs processed in the memory to make them readable.


Watch our tutorial and find out how to extract data from corrupted files using our tool. If you have any questions about that, send them to us at info@cqureacademy.com.

Join us LIVE from 6PM CET on Nov. 23, 2021 for our biggest ever annual cybersecurity webinar feat. Sami Laiho, Michael Grafnetter & Paula Januszkiewicz.

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