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Paula Januszkiewicz

EO of CQURE Inc., Security Expert, Penetration Tester and Trainer, Microsoft MVP, and Microsoft Regional Director

Paula has extensive experience in security projects and has conduced hundreds of security analysis, architecture consulting, as well as trainings and seminars.

Highest level certification:

  • Microsoft Regional Director
  • Enterprise Security MVP and certified trainer (MCT)
  • Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

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What we do in CQURE?

CQURE was formed in 2008 in Poland and since that time we have expanded globally. In 2013 we have opened a new office in New York, in 2014 in Dubai and in 2016 in Zug. We are a provider of specialized services such as securing IT resources, advanced and customized penetration tests, forensics, controlled cybersecurity attacks, security awareness programs, sessions for organizations and top management, IT infrastructure security consulting and other advisory services.
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Information Security Advisor / Islandsbanki

See Paula's know-how in

Paula, as a world-class Cybersecurity Expert, is consulting Customers all around the world. Each year she delivers numerous trainings, keynotes and workshops and in the meantime, together with the team, she creates new security tools.

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