Implementing Privileged Access Workstations

Exclusive course by Sami Laiho

RECORDING of the 8-Hour Live Online CQURE Workshop
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We are excited to announce our upcoming course, Implementing Privileged Access Workstations with none other than SAMI LAIHO! The course has been designed to give you an in-depth understanding of both on-premise and cloud-service Privileged Access Workstations (PAWs).

Sami Laiho, will guide you through the nuances of PAWs, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to implement and manage these critical systems effectively and learn how you build a secure way of managing enterprise services.

Our course agenda includes:

  • The “What” and “Why” of Privileged Access Workstations: Understand the fundamental principles behind PAWs, their importance in an organization’s security framework, and why they are the preferred choice for handling sensitive tasks.

  • Exploring Hardware and VM Solutions for PAWs: Familiarize yourself with different hardware and virtual machine solutions that can be employed to implement PAWs in various scenarios, providing you with a versatile set of tools to address your organization’s unique needs.

  • Distinguishing between Normal and Privileged Access: Gain clarity on the key differences between normal and privileged access, helping you to effectively manage and regulate access within your organization, thus mitigating potential risks.

  • Implementing and Managing On-Premise PAWs: Master the techniques required to deploy and oversee on-premise PAWs, fortifying your organization’s local network security and enhancing administrative control.

  • Implementing and Managing Cloud-Service PAWs: Dive into the realm of cloud-based PAWs, learning to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud while maintaining robust security measures.

What you’ll be getting:

This hybrid online course has been designed by the TOP industry expert and features a recording of the 8-hour online live workshop that will be packed with demo-intensive content from real case scenarios. This live session will be recorded and you’ll have access to the recording for 12 months.

With pre-work assignments, home assignments, and a certificate of completion, comes also access to a supportive Discord community for 12 months.

Don’t miss out on the limited chance to learn from the best CQURE Experts – enrol now and take your career to the next level


Your Teacher

Sami Laiho


Sami Laiho is one of the world’s leading professionals in the Windows OS troubleshooting and security. Sami has been working with and teaching OS troubleshooting, management and security for more than 25 years. In 2018, Sami’s two sessions were evaluated as the Top 2 sessions (out of 1700+ sessions) at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando.

Who Is It For

Ambitious Beginners in Cybersecurity

If you are a beginner with 1-2 years experience in cybersecurity, challenges define who you are. This training will hone your skills to detect today’s sophisticated cyberattacks and accelerate your career prospects in the field.

Specialists in IT

If you have 4-5 years experience in IT and want to spin off into cybersecurity, this training will give you all the relevant foundation and specialist skillsets to carve an exciting new career in cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity Specialists

This module is relevant for specialists with 3-5 years and more. You will polish up your skills, learn the most current tools and techniques relevant for the newest systems, and boost your reputation.

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Course formula

  1. You’ll get access to the RECORDING of the live class- 8 hours of interactive and demo-intensive workshop on our special interactive platform.
  2. You’ll get the author’s unique pre-work and post-work assignment for self-study.
  3. The course is packed with the newest cybersecurity findings, insights and tools.
  4. The workshops are interactive and demo-intensive. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions after every workshop.
  5. All live workshops will be recorded and accessible for students any time in case you miss a live workshop or want to review what you’ve learned. You will have access to each workshop recording for 12 months after the live training.
  6. You will be able to ask questions and engage with the teacher during and after the workshop. 
  7. With the flexibility to learn these certifiable skills online from qualified trainers, there’s no excuse not to dive in and take your future into your own hands.
  • 8 hours of live workshop
  • Choose as many modules as you want
  • Demo-intensive content from real case scenarios
  • Created by TOP industry experts
  • 12 months access
  • Discord community access
  • Pre-work assignment
  • Live-workshop and access to the recording
  • Home assignment

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