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Singapore learns which shortcuts hackers love – RSAC 2018 Asia Pacific & Japan

Today what moves the occupants of the Peony Ballroom at Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore, will be something other than music.

Instead of a stately waltz or frantic foxtrot, the crowd will gather to hear a world-renowned cyber security expert share her inside knowledge of the seedy world of cybercrime, as part of the RSA Security Conference 2018 Asia Pacific & Japan.

Paula Januszkiewicz’s knowledge, together with her compelling stage presence, make her a must-see speaker at the world’s leading tech events.

At the RSA Conference, today at 11:25 am, Founder and CEO of CQURE Paula will give a talk entitled Top 10 Ways to Make Hackers Excited: Shortcuts That Were Not Worth Taking. In it, Paula will reveal the most popular shortcuts which hackers love you to take, for the simple reason that it makes their lives easier.

In this revelatory session, Paula will share CQURE tools and potential mitigation techniques which you can use against cyber-attacks and illustrate different ways in which malicious code can run.

The pressures of time and budget make it all too tempting to cut corners when designing secure architecture. Drawing from her expertise and using real-life CQURE case studies, Paula will demonstrate how doing so can end up costing you more and slowing your project down in the long run.

Paula’s RSAC 2018 presentation slides can be found below:

Download the tools HERE. (Password: CQUREAcademy#123!)

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