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Back to Basics: Identity Protection in Azure Active Directory

identity protection in azure

Identity Protection is a security feature in Azure Active Directory that helps to prevent, detect, and remediate identity risk in an organization. Using multiple detections, it monitors every login for identity compromise, sorting sign-ins into three categories of risk: low, medium, and high. These risk ratings can be used to create automated user risk policies […]

The tale of Enhanced Key (mis)Usage

Enhanced Key Usage

Smart Card Logon In order to logon to the Windows system with a Smart Card, a specific user certificate needs to be present on it. There are different ways of mapping certificate to a particular user account in Active Directory and concrete requirements for such a certificate described in Smart Card Technical Reference document. One […]

8 Things to Avoid In Azure Active Directory

Protecting your digital treasure trove means avoiding those Azure AD misconfigurations that attackers are waiting to exploit. Use CQURE’s guide to detect and remedy some of the most common AD misconfiguration mistakes.

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