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[RSA Conference 2020 APJ] Mike’s session on Common Mistakes Which Lead to Huge Compromises of Identity

Mike Jankowski-Lorek held an intense session today (July 17that the RSA Conference 2020 Asia Pacific and Japan. What an excellent event! 

This year’s edition was unique, as for the first time the event took place completely online. That was a challenge for everyone, however – we treat it as a new learning opportunity! 

But one thing is for sure, the whole world is going online, and the pandemic has just helped speed up the process of digitalization. So, being a part of the RSA Virtual Learning Experience, makes us proud and happy! 

Take a look at the description of Mike’s session and find the slides & tools he presented below. huge dose of practical knowledge is guaranteed. 

PKI Well Revised: Common Mistakes Which Lead to Huge Compromises of Identity by Mike Jankowski-Lorek 

Since its boom, the internal PKI system hasn’t changed a lot, but neither have the problems that we observe during pentests.  

It’s time to revise your knowledge about one of the cornerstones of enterprise security and learn a few tricks that attackers are using to spoof any identity.  

What are the common pitfalls and mistakes that can lead to a full breach of both trust and of your systems?  

In his intense session, Mike answered this (and many more) questions. 

Find the presentation slides HERE. 

All CQURE tools can be found here: HERE (Login: student, Password: CQUREAcademy#123!)

About this year’s RSA Conference 

Connecting with your peers to discuss the latest cybersecurity information is vital to confronting cyber threats—now more than ever. That’s why the RSA Conference 2020 Asia Pacific & Japan was offered as a free virtual learning experience.

From 15–17 July, during Singapore business hours, you had access to dozens of timely and relevant sessions covering regional and global cybersecurity issues, networking opportunities, interactive programs, and morehttps://www.rsaconference.com/apj 

In case of any questions, please leave a comment below or drop us a message via our contact form. 

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