conditional access in azure

Back to Basics: Conditional Access in Azure Active Directory

Damage limitation is the bedrock of any successful cybersecurity strategy. For companies, that means controlling who can access sensitive data and corporate resources.

In this beginners-friendly edition of CQURE Hacks, Paula J takes a tour of secure access settings in Azure Active Directory and demonstrates how companies can go beyond basic privilege management to protect their digital assets using conditional access.

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What is it Really Like to Work in Cybersecurity?

I’ve enjoyed a fascinating and deeply fulfilling career in cybersecurity that has taken me all over the world, and now I want to share my experience of working in what I consider to be the most fun and exciting industry out there. That’s why I held a live event to answer questions on what it’s really like to work on digital defense’s frontline. If you’re curious about how to advance in the industry or have a friend or relative who wants to work in cybersecurity, these insights from me and from the CQURE team are for you.


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