Hacks Weekly #47 Memory Dump

Welcome to another episode of CQURE Hacks Weekly. This time we're going to discuss how to perform a memory dump. It is a very useful process, sometimes even a crucial one. Don’t forget about memory dump in case of any security incident when you need to collect the evidence and understand what happened.

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Back to Basics: Using PIM in Azure Active Directory Security

When you look at the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, it’s clear that protecting your valuable resources by limiting access to them is not a new concept. In today’s world, where data is an organization’s greatest treasure, the Privileged Identity Management (PIM) service in Azure Active Directory makes it possible to manage, control, and monitor who accesses your most important digital resources. Join Paula J as she demonstrates the many security-boosting possibilities offered by PIM in this beginners-level edition of CQ Hacks.

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