Bug bounty or profound pentest? It’s not the Matrix, take both pills.

Computer software becomes increasingly complex and makes systems and organizations vulnerable to hacker attacks. That’s why companies are turning to outside experts to track down the errors in their software. One of the methods is participation in bug bounty programs.

Companies offer rewards to ethical hackers who discover bugs or security weaknesses. They are often run by big software publishers so that they can fix these issues before they’re discovered and exploited by criminals.

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Back to Basics: Using PIM in Azure Active Directory Security

When you look at the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, it’s clear that protecting your valuable resources by limiting access to them is not a new concept. In today’s world, where data is an organization’s greatest treasure, the Privileged Identity Management (PIM) service in Azure Active Directory makes it possible to manage, control, and monitor who accesses your most important digital resources.

Join Paula J as she demonstrates the many security-boosting possibilities offered by PIM in this beginners-level edition of CQ Hacks.

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