Back to Basics: Identity protection in Azure Active Directory

Did you know that some sign-ins are riskier than others? In this beginners-friendly episode of CQ Hacks, cybersecurity expert Paula J reveals the tell-tale signs of a compromised identity and how to configure Identity Protection in Azure Active Directory to cut login risk.

Identity Protection is a security feature in Azure Active Directory that helps to prevent, detect, and remediate identity risk in an organization. Using multiple detections, it monitors every login for identity compromise, sorting sign-ins into three categories of risk: low, medium, and high.

These risk ratings can be used to create automated user risk policies that balance employee productivity with corporate security. For example, multi-factor authentication can be set as a requirement for a sign-in that is high-risk.

Join Paula as she reviews the different policies in Azure’s Identity Protection (User Risk, Sign-in Risk, and MFA Registration) and explains how to:

  •       Select which users you want to include in the policy
  •       Exclude specific users (such as your ‘break-glass’ account so that you cannot be accidentally logged out of Azure Active Directory)
  •       Specify risk levels as high, medium, or low in the User Risk section
  •       Block access or allow access but require a password change in the Access section
  •       Activate and enforce a policy that you have set up and configured

Paula shows how to monitor your organization for risky users and risky sign-ins in the Report section of Azure’s Identity Protection dashboard and takes you through how to delete the conditional access policies you create.

Discover what happens when a log-in to an organization’s Microsoft Office portal from a Tor browser is flagged as “something strange” by Azure AD’s Identity Protection. You’ll also learn how to mark identity as compromised if, for example, sign-ins have been made in two completely different locations using that identity.

Paula covers identity security from the perspectives of both the administrator and the user, giving a clear view of the steps an employee must take when their account has been identified as risky.

With this identity security lesson under your belt, you’ll be able to intelligently react to potentially dangerous situations.  Take a stroll around the CQURE Academy blog now for more Azure Active Directory security tips including ‘8 things to avoid’ in Azure AD.

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