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[Australian Cyber Conference 2019] Keynote

Top 10 ways to make hackers excited: All about the shortcuts not worth taking 

Signing a secure architecture can always be more expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. But does it make sense to cut corners when hackers invent new attacks every day? Taking shortcuts will sooner or later translate to more harm and backfire. Take a look at the presentation and learn what mistakes we eliminated while working with our customers. 

>> Scroll down to view slides and tools from Paula’s session and gain even more valuable knowledge <<

About the Australian Cyberconference 

The Australian Cyber Conference is providing business leaders with insights and best practices taught by the industry’s top experts through keynotes, panel sessions, and live demonstrations. Attending the conference is enabling you to network with these practitioners to help you better understand and manage current threats, as well as identify and prepare to meet emerging challenges. An interactive format of workshops, plenary sessions and the opportunity to network with expert practitioners in the field of cybersecurity is a must for all organizations in the current business environment. 

In 2018 the conference comprised over 2000 individuals across Australia. Delegates range from company directors and managers to lawyers, risk professionals, software architects, and technical security specialists. They come from a broad scope of industries from education to finance, government, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and utilities. 

Paula’s presentation slides can be found HERE.

Download the tools HERE (Password: CQUREAcademy#123!) and Whitepaper HERE .

If you have any questions please drop us a message via our contact form.

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