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CQLabs – DNS

Domain Name System (DNS) is arguably the most important aspect of the internet. It’s used every time you are connecting to a web page from your computer or a smartphone. 

When you type www.google.com it’s the DNS which will translate that domain name to the IP address of the Google server. In addition to that, the vast majority of the application on your smartphone and computer will also use domain names rather than static IP addresses. With that being said, DNS is basically an enormous dictionary without which the internet would not be able to exist in the form as we know it today.

In today’s episode, we will take a brief look at DNS protocol, the most important components in the DNS ecosystem and the basic flow of the DNS queries. 

CQURE’s team member, Cybersecurity Specialist, Matus Puskar will explain and demonstrate the DNS Cache Poisoning attack and briefly show you how DNSSEC could prevent it.

In the last part, Matus will talk about amplification attacks with emphasis on the DNS, how DNSSEC can be used to perform them and how they can be prevented.

Watch HERE.


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