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[Black Hat Europe 2020] All of Paula, Mike and Michael’s toolkits

As you probably know, the CQURE Academy Team presented the latest tools and solutions during Black Hat Europe 2020. 

This online event provided attendees with the latest in research, development and trends in Information Security. 

On December 7-8, CQURE Experts held two training sessions and gave a huge dose of practical knowledge. On December 9-10, Paula Januszkiewicz and dr. Mike Jankowski-Lorek presented the latest tools and solutions CQURE developed. 

CQPenetrationTesting Toolkit: Powerful Toolset that All Pentesters Want to Have by Paula and Mike 

CQ Penetration Testing Toolkit supports you in performing complex penetration tests as well as shows the ways to use them, and the situations in which they apply. It guides you through the process of gathering intel about network, workstations, and servers. Common technics for antimalware avoidance and bypass, lateral movement, and credential harvesting. 

The toolkit allows also for decrypting RSA keys and EFS protected files as well as blobs and objects protected by DPAPI and DPAPI-NG. Among published presented tools are CQARPSpoofer, CQCat, CQDPAPIBlobDecrypter, CQMasterKeyDecrypt, CQReverseShellGen, and many more. 

CQOffensiveSecurity: The Extreme Windows Offensive Security Toolkit by Paula and Mike 

CQOffensiveSecurity Toolkit enables you to perform advanced Windows Infrastructure Penetration Testing. It guides you through the process of gathering intel about network, workstations and servers. Common technics for privilege escalation, antimalware avoidance and bypass, credential harvesting and lateral movement. Toolkit allows also for decrypting RSA keys and EFS protected files as well as blobs and objects protected by DPAPI and DPAPI-NG. 

This toolkit is commonly used among CQURE Experts and pentesters on daily basis. Among published presented tools: CQRepacker, CQSecretDumper, CQLsasSecretDumper, CQCredentialHarvester, CQSystemEscalator, CQTcbImpersonate, CQSqlTDEdecrypter and many more. 

Find the presentation slides HERE

Download the tools HERE (Login: student; Password: CQUREAcademy#123!)

Advanced Hacking And Securing Windows Infrastructure by Paula

The only workshop delivered by someone who has access to Windows source code! This is a part of the CQURE Academy and comes with certification.

The course covered all aspects of Windows infrastructure security from the perspective of a hacker’s mind!

Advanced Active Directory Attacks by Michael Grafnetter

The workshop covered all aspects of Active Directory identity security from the perspective of a hacker’s mind! Our goal was to show and teach you what kind of mechanisms allow hackers to get inside infrastructure and how to get into organizations. You gained a penetration tester’s knowledge and tools.

About Black Hat

Like most conferences in 2020, this edition of Black Hat Europe was held as a virtual event, on December 7-10.

For more than 20 years, Black Hat has been inspiring professionals at all career levels, and encouraging growth and collaboration among academia, world-class researchers and leaders in the public and private sectors.

During the event you had the chance to participate in training classes, Arsenal Sessions, Briefings and Review Boards.


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