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AWSC SNEAK PEEK- Attacks on Credentials & Prevention Solutions


We are giving you a unique opportunity to take the Advanced Windows Security Course for a test ride!

Take a sneak peek into the first part of the module we recorded during the live session by Paula at AWSC17.

In Attacks on Credentials & Prevention Solutions module, we will focus on files that are inaccessible to you. Not because you have no permissions but because they are locked by someone else. If a process opens the file it has to declare two things:

● How it plans to use the file (write, read, etc),

● How others can use the file when the file is still open.

This means that some processes can actually open a file in a way that makes the file locked from any other form of access. Sometimes it is necessary (for example no one should open SQL Server database files when SQL server is working) and sometimes it is a real problem if we need to access the file and someone is blocking it. The practical question here is “what to do?”. Watch the video to have a look at a couple of ways we can use in practice.

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of this amazing session. We will release them shortly, together with tools, slides, and homework… in other words everything crucial to every AWSC module.

If you want to know more about this year’s edition of the Advanced Windows Security Course for 2020, check here.


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