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Active Directory Security Management: From Threat Detection to Effective Response

In today’s IT landscape, Active Directory (AD) security management is crucial for protecting organizational infrastructure. Ignoring it can lead to severe repercussions such as data breaches, unauthorized access to sensitive information, financial losses, and reputational damage.

Join cybersecurity expert and CEO of CQURE, Paula Januszkiewicz and David Treece, Yubico’s Vice President of Solutions Architecture, in this insightful webinar as they discuss serious AD attacks and effective countermeasures.


Our conversation will begin by exploring the hacker’s perspective, examining prevalent attack techniques like Password Spraying or Pass-the-Ticket. Paula will demonstrate these attacks live, while David will showcase how to mitigate them using FIDO2 solutions.

Key segments of the webinar include:

  1. MFA Bypass and Prevention: We will demonstrate how attackers bypass Multi-Factor Authentication, and how FIDO2 and YubiKey can prevent these bypass attempts.
  2. Password Spraying and MFA Solutions: You will see the mechanics of a password spraying attack, and we will follow up by explaining how implementing MFA with YubiKey can effectively thwart such attacks in your infrastructure.
  3. Reverse Engineering Data Protection API: We will show how hackers exploit the Data Protection API, and how YubiKey protect credentials from being compromised.


Why Attend?

Throughout the webinar, Paula will showcase real-life examples and cybersecurity stories, offering practical advice to help you understand AD security better and minimize threats effectively.

Join us for this informative session to enhance your AD security management skills and safeguard your organization’s critical assets.

Join our live webinar and upgrade your knowledge with top industry minds!



Paula Januszkiewicz

CQURE Founder & CEO, Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, MCT

Paula is a world-class Cybersecurity Expert with over 19 years of experience in the field. She is often a top-rated speaker at the world biggest conferences as her unique stage presence is always well-received among diverse audiences. To top it all, she has the access to the source code of Windows!

David Treece

Vice President, Solutions Architecture at Yubico

David is an experienced cybersecurity professional with over 20 years in the field. As VP of Solutions Architecture at Yubico, he leads a team focused on integrating Yubico’s products with partner systems to enhance security. David has worked extensively on implementing phishing-resistant authentication and collaborates with the FIDO Alliance to develop security standards​


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