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Microsoft Ignite Table Talk: The Future of Cybersecurity

Have you ever wondered what a possible future in the cybersecurity world would be like? When you think about what has happened recently, certain common conclusions can be reached.

The future of cybersecurity was the main topic of a recent Microsoft Ignite Table Talk with two of our Experts – Paula Januszkiewicz and Mike Jankowski-Lorek.

Together with Alexander Benoit, Gokan Ozcifci and Tomas Vileikis, they considered what cyber threats await us in the future and how to avoid them.

Paula – focus on three essential things

According to Paula, the number of hackers will definitely increase over the next months and years. This means that we should invest more in monitoring and incident response solutions.

There’s going to be a need to apply AI solutions to the cybersecurity concept, which could be challenging.

It’s becoming essential to try and develop cybersecurity talent in your organization. As we know from a Global Information Security Workforce study, by 2022 the gap between open positions and qualified personnel will be almost two million jobs. That means we have a huge need for cybersecurity, but we don’t have the experts to meet it.

What are the steps to effective incident response?

1. Assemble a good team of Experts
2. Identify the cause of the breach & make sure that it is contained
3. Plan and manage the recovery
4. Assess the damage and its severity
5. Perform notification to appropriate parties
6. Examine the lessons learned

Mike – skillset is important

Home office is making the approach to cybersecurity different than it used to be before the pandemic. Companies are changing their digital workspace and one of the most serious issues is that organizations cannot trust their employees, and they therefore implement a Zero Trust approach.

The next challenge is that we live in a hyperconnected world – we have smartwatches connected to our smartphones, smart cars and even smart refridgerators! These devices are all constantly gathering information about us. The same happens in organizations.

We always need either to verify every access to data, or implement the use of privileged access.

To summarize, the discussion during the Table Talk was insightful and exciting. The participants concluded that it was one of the best panel discussions at Microsoft Ignite.

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