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The most 7 inexcusable mistakes

A few mandatory steps for keeping your data consistent.   So many just talk about it, but most do nothing to prevent a data breach or data leakage. Cybercriminals can easily get access to your holiday pics, but what’s more, they can infect, lock or simply steal your company data, putting your business continuity in danger. To avoid any unpleasant consequences, you can adopt […]

Hacking Summer Camp: How to Reset Admin’s Password…illegally

Welcome to our Hacking Summer Camp, the set of useful security tips in 8 Episodes presented by our masterminded team. The goal of the series is not only to be a support in the everyday administrative tasks but also to encourage experiments, show useful tools, inspire to create your own solutions, and have fun with […]

Hacking Summer Camp: How to Steal Kerberos Tickets?

Welcome to the second episode of our Hacking Summer Camp! We hope you enjoyed Resetting the Admin’s Password Illegally and are now ready and steady for another adventure. Get ready for a decent portion of useful tools and tips.   Episode 2: How to Steal Kerberos Tickets?   Hi Security Enthusiasts! Today is the time […]

Hacking Summer Camp: Network Sniffing Techniques

  Here comes the next episode of our Hacking Summer Camp! Do you still remember How to Steal Kerberos Tickets? Now we have prepared another bunch of hacking tips&tricks for you, that you might find useful.   Episode 3: Network Sniffing Techniques How you ever wondered what is causing THAT traffic on your network interface […]

Hacking Summer Camp: Memory Analysis Guide, Part 1

  Hopefully, you’ve had a big cup of coffee today, because episode 4 of our Hacking Summer Camp is out and this one will be REALLY intense! If you’d like to warm up, we recommend you to take a look at the previous episode on Network Sniffing Techniques. Ready? Let’s start!   Episode 4: Memory Analysis Guide Part One, Memory […]

Hacking Summer Camp: Memory Analysis Guide, Part 2

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and so is our Hacking Summer Camp. But hey, there are still two intense episodes ahead, so we hope you’re still up for some hacking training! This time we will present an engrossing technique to you for grabbing information from memory. But before we start, take a look […]

Hacking Summer Camp: Sniffing and replaying ADFS claims with Fiddler

    Here comes the last, but not least episode of CQURE Academy’s Hacking Summer Camp! 🌴 We hope you’ve enjoyed these intense 2 months of security training and will find the presented tricks useful for your work. Here’s a list of all the previous parts, so you can catch up: Episode 1 Episode 2 […]

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