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How You Can Become Part of an Elite Cybersecurity Force

CQURE Academy is an IT training company formed in 2008 in Poland and since then has expanded to the rest of Europe, the Americas, Middle East, and Asia – as well as opening offices in New York and in Dubai.

Part of our mission is to help IT experts seriously level up their game to meet the demands of the exploding IT industry, particularly in the important field of cybersecurity. Our signature Advanced Windows Security Course is designed to train professionals to become experts in advanced Windows security techniques.

Here’s a quick overview of how one of CQURE Academy’s students benefited from our Advanced Windows Security Course.

A Growing Market Demand for Accredited Cybersecurity Professionals

Cybersecurity was recently dubbed as “one of the hottest jobs in technology” by Fortune magazine. It’s easy to see why. Technology has taken over the world, and this means the landscape for cybersecurity has dramatically changed.

No longer is cybersecurity limited within the walls of security firms or government agencies. With whole industries such as automobiles, medical devices, security devices, and an exploding number of apps and digital tools adopting technology which critically require data protection, the demand for talent in cybersecurity has hit an all-time high.

In addition to that, the $84 billion cybersecurity industry is predicted to double in the next five years. Yet, the number of professionally qualified talent in the field is not enough to match the consequent increase in demand. According to industry statistics, the market will need 6 million security professionals by 2019, yet there are only 4-5 million with accredited qualifications in cybersecurity.

That’s why it has become more important than ever to acquire an accredited qualification in cybersecurity so that you stand out amongst an ocean of “technology tinkerers” in the eyes of prospective employers.

Reaching World-Class Levels of Expertise

Let’s take a look at how one of our students, Jack Perry, advanced in his career from uplevelling his skills with accredited courses from CQURE Academy.

Jack PerryJack works at Presidio, one of the leading IT solutions provider assisting clients in harnessing technology innovation and simplifying IT complexity to digitally transform their businesses and drive return on IT investment.

When Jack first began his training at CQURE Academy, he started with our beginner secure courses in cybersecurity. Soon, he progressed right through to our Advanced Windows Security Course from 2017 to 2018.

How Jack progressed on so many levels was admirable. The skills he learned from his training at CQURE Academy enhanced his career by giving him the ability and perspective to integrate the context of cybersecurity in his responsibilities at work.

“I have definitely utilized the knowledge I learned from CQURE in writing PowerShell Scripts, but they were more for Discovery than for cybersecurity itself. I love attending CQURE’s Courses, because whether I apply what I’ve learned right away or not, it enhances my knowledge and enables me to be more aware of security in the environments I deploy.”
~ Jack Perry, Principal Consultant – Public Cloud, Automation, & Development, Presidio

Whether you aspire to be immersed in the world of cybersecurity or simply want to leverage cybersecurity expertise to enhance your career in IT, getting professionally accredited in cybersecurity will give you the skills and recognition you need to get ahead in your IT career.

Be One of the Elite in 2019

Everything you need to know to prepare against the threats heading our way in 2019 has been trimmed down into our 6-week online certified course, Advanced Windows Security Course.

Our 12-module course for intermediate and advanced professionals is taught over a six-week period by founder and CEO of CQURE, Paula Januszkiewicz, and special guest instructor, world-renowned Windows OS expert Sami Laiho.

The enrollment is closed now but you can check THIS page and see what other courses we are running at the moment.

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