12 Crucial Windows Security Skills for 2018

Live Webinar with Paula Januszkiewicz
and CQURE Academy Experts

October 2017

Bonus material for attendees:
Special package of CQURE tools

This annual LIVE Webinar is for ethical hackers and cyber security geeks, who want to stay on top of their game in the upcoming year.

The industry’s research bodies (in reports like ISC2 2015) are predicting that by 2019 we’ll be short of over a million of security professionals with skills needed to effectively protect the system.

That’s why, during this Webinar, you’ll learn which skills and tools to master… and which to ignore in the upcoming year 2018. If that inspires you – book your spot!

What can you expect?

12 Crucial Skills
For The Next Year

You’ll learn 12 Windows Security skills that will be crucial in 2018 — as CQURE’s research shows — so that you can close the skill gap and keep your systems safe.

Live Demonstrations
Of Procedures

You’ll learn some cool techniques – including machine learning for threat detection and secrets protection in Windows.

Live Q&A With Paula & The Team

You’ll get a chance to ask questions that have been bothering you for ages.

FYI: There will also be a little hacking challenge for everyone who registered…

Package of CQURE Hacking Tools To Download

For example: CQHashdumpv2 to get SAM hashes, CQSecretsDumper to dump passwords of service accounts, CQKeepassDumper to get access to Keepass password database.


You’ll learn from the world-class Microsoft Security experts — a bunch of passionate hackers from CQURE, who never settle for less and love sharing their expertise with others.

Paula Januszkiewicz


Paula is a Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor, IT Security Auditor and Penetration Tester. On top of that, she’s an Enterprise Security MVP and trainer (MCT). In 2015 she was rated No 1 Speaker at Microsoft Ignite (best session / best speaker) among 1100 other speakers. She shares her expertise on Windows Security through online writing and speaking at conferences (she already checked off TechEd North America, TechEd Europe, TechEd Middle East, RSA, TechDays, CyberCrime — to name but a few). She proudly holds the role of the Security Architect in IDesign and manages her own company CQURE.

Greg Tworek


Greg has been working with Windows Security since the very beginning of his professional career. He started as a system administrator, then moved to a consultant role, IT manager and chief information security officer (CISO). Now he is mainly responsible for consulting services delivered worldwide by CQURE.

Opinions about CQURE Academy

Let me start by saying Paula is amazing!! The passion for the topic really shows. As an engineer with 16 years of experience, I am impressed. Thank you for the education, and entertainment.

Dave Kordyban

Network Engineer | Garrett County Government

As it also happened before, Paula Januszkiewicz knows how to blow your mind. As great athletes make their discipline look easy when you watch them perform, so Paula makes Windows purr like a little kitten. Even though I am fully aware of how much I still don’t know, after a course such as this Windows is not mysterious anymore. This is a great feeling.

Doru-Catalin Togea

Information Security Advisor | Norwegian Police

We have learned a lot about IIS, hacking and much much more. Our motivation has increased during this course and of course great interest in your work Paula. Impressed with your enthusiastic energic way of presenting.

Styrk Finne

Senior Professional System Engineer | CSC Norway