User Secrets: How to Get Them Back Using Password Recovery Tools

Cybersecurity professionals know that they could be called on at any time to recover a user secret. For example, if an employee’s profile is corrupted or user secrets have to be decrypted offline (e.g. during analysis of the forensic image of the operating system).

Find out about some tools capable of decrypting secrets protected using DPAPI and get an outline of how to use them.

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Microsoft Local Admin Password Solution (LAPS)

Microsoft Local Admin Password Solution (LAPS) – Deployment Steps

Local administrator’s passwords on servers and workstations are usually unmanaged or set up to be the same. In both cases, this is a mistake. In this tutorial you will learn how to manage centrally passwords and make sure that they are different on every computer in the enterprise. All for that if someone gets into one of the computers and steals local hashes, one is not capable to single-sign-on amongst other computers.

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