[IGNITE ’18] Fatal Signs: 10 Symptoms When You Think You’ve Been Hacked

When you know you’ve been hacked it feels horrible, but what if you don’t even realize an attack on your cyber-homestead has taken place? Unless you can spot a hack when it happens your system could end up playing host to data hidden there by malicious software.

Fortunately, like Hansel and Gretel in the fairy-tale woods of yore, hackers often leave a breadcrumb trail of clues which you can follow to find out if a security breach has occurred – that’s if you know where to look! Paula J served up those breadcrumbs today in a 45-minute advanced level Breakout Session at Microsoft Ignite.

Breakout Session – Ignite 2018

Windows forensics fanatic Paula shared a handy checklist of symptoms which could indicate someone’s been messing with your system. She then described various tools and techniques which you can use to spot this kind of activity.

After identifying the hiding places which hackers love to use Paula gave invaluable advice on how to bounce back from an attack.

Scroll down to access slides from the session and to find a download link for the tools used.

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