General Terms and Conditions – Live Virtual Classes

  1. These General Terms and Conditions of Providing Services relate to the services provided by CQURE sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, at Rondo Daszyńskiego 1, (hereinafter referred to as the „CQURE Academy”).
  2. The subject of these General Terms and Conditions of Providing Services is defining the terms and conditions of Parties cooperation concerning participation of the Participant or persons appointed by the Participant in the classes selected by the Participant from the catalogue of classes offered by the CQURE Academy, executed according to the classes curriculum prepared by the CQURE Academy, at the time and place set by the CQURE Academy.
  3. The Participant or persons appointed by the Participant can participate in Classes organised by the CQURE Academy based on the registration form available at the, or based on the email request sent by the Participant to the CQURE Academy e-mail address.
  4. The CQURE Academy guarantees the Participant or persons appointed by the Participant a place at the given class, provided at the time of receipt of registration form, the number of available slots is sufficient and the remuneration for the class is paid in full.
  5. The CQURE Academy reserves the right to change the time or cancel the class. If this is the case, the Participant shall be noticed about the change of class date no later than 14 days prior to the original date of training commencement.
  6. The Participant may cancel his participation in the class at no cost no later than 14 days before class date by sending a written resignation to the CQURE Academy. If said deadline is not kept, the Participant will be charged full (100%) remuneration for the class.
  7. Absence of the Participant or persons appointed by the Participant at the training does not release him from the obligation to pay full remuneration for the classes.
  8. The Participant is required to pay full amount of remuneration, up front, by the due date indicated on the invoice by the CQURE Academy. The prices for classes provided by the CQURE Academy are net prices. Value Added Tax should be added accordingly.
  9. The CQURE Academy undertakes to carry out classes in accordance with the prepared curriculum.
  10. The CQURE Academy undertakes to carry out classes with due care and to the best of its professional knowledge.
  11. In order to use the Services, the Participant should fulfil the following technical requirements necessary to access class:

a) web browser with latest updates;
b) an e-mail account;
c) Video communication platform indicated by CQURE Academy;
d) Webcam along with a headset (headphones + microphone);
e) Permissions for outgoing RDP connections to external servers – port 3391;
f) stable internet connection.

  1. CQURE Academy does not warrant the proper functioning of the Services on mobile devices.
  2. All training materials made available to Participants are the sole property of the CQURE Academy, and may not be used in any other manners than participation in the Class.
  3. CQURE Academy may provide services by its subcontractors.
  4. None of the Parties may transfer any rights, obligations or claims arising from this Agreement.
  5. In the event that any of the provisions of this Terms and Conditions (in whole or in part) is held to be illegal, invalid or otherwise non-suable, the remainder of the terms will continue in full force and effect.
  6. The controller of Participants’ personal data is the CQURE Academy. Participants’ personal data are processed with a view to executing Classes, and – upon Participants’ prior consent – also with a view to direct marketing of products or services. The legal basis for personal data processing is article 6 .1 letter a) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More can be found in our Privacy Policy.
  7. The Participant has the right to submit complaints regarding the classes provided by the CQURE Academy.
  8. A complaint regarding services may be submitted by e-mail sent to
  9. CQURE Academy shall undertake to review complaints on the Services as quickly as possible, not later than within 14 days, and shall forward a response to the e-mail address provided in the complaint submission.
  10. These General Terms and Conditions of Providing Services and any obligations arising from the provision of services by CQURE Academy shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Poland.
  11. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the provision of services by the CQURE Academy shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of Polish courts appropriate for the registered office of the CQURE Academy.