Masterclass: Windows Infrastructure Pen-testing with Adrian Denkiewicz

Live Virtual Class – Super Intensive Remote Training with Labs!
March 29th – 31st, 2021 (9:00am – 4:00pm CET Monday to Wednesday)

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This is an international Live Virtual Class, which means you will share the learning experience in a group of IT pros from around the world! The class is taught in English by Adrian Denkiewicz, CQURE’s Cybersecurity Expert and Pen-tester. Please Remember that this course is limited to 12 participants total to ensure the highest quality and unique learning experience! During this course you will have an opportunity to interact with the instructor and get Adrian’s help with any problems you might encounter, just as if it was a regular class.

About the course:
You will enjoy it! The course teaches strategy and advanced techniques for performing internal infrastructure penetration testing in highly secure Windows infrastructure. Our course has been developed around professional penetration testing and security awareness in the business and IT fields. To make sure that all participants gain the necessary infrastructure security concepts and knowledge, our classes have an intensive hands-on labs format.

We have gathered knowledge from top worldwide known experts and combined their skills to prepare unique content allowing you to prepare for performing penetration testing or red team exercise for your organization.

Target audience:
Pen-testers, red teamers, Windows network administrators, security professionals, systems engineers, IT professionals, security consultants and other people responsible for implementing infrastructure security.

Author’s unique tools, over 100 pages of exercises and presentations slides with notes.

Every exercise is supported with lab instructions and multiple tools, both traditional and specialized. CQURE trainers recommend students have some knowledge of security concepts, such as operating system services and architecture. However, all required concepts will be covered throughout the course.

Platform and Technical Requirements:
To participate in the course you need a Stable internet connection. For best learning experience we also need you to have a webcam, headphones and a microphone. Open RDP port 3391 for the connection to the Lab environment is needed as well. We will setup a secure Zoom classroom for every day of the course – we will send you a safe link to join the conference by e-mail.

After finishing the course, you will be granted a CQURE Certificate of Completion. Please note that after completing the course you will also be eligible to claim CPE points!


Module 1

Module 1: Evolution of Hacking

  • a) Evolution of vulnerabilities
  • b) Persistent Threats
  • c) Malware evolution

Module 2

Module 2: Operating System Services Security Overview

  • a) Services Security
  • b) Active Directory Security

Module 3

Module 3: Operating System Internal Security

  • a) Permissions and Privileges
  • b) Password Security
  • c) Offline Attacks
  • d) Pass-The-Hash Attacks with custom CQURE Tools
  • e) DPAPI Attacks with custom CQURE Tools
  • f) Cached Logons Attacks with custom CQURE Tools
  • g) Exploiting a lack of access controls

Module 4

Module 4: Databases Security

  • a) SQL Server Service
  • b) Authentication Modes
  • c) Stored Procedures

Module 5

Module 5: Reconnaissance and Target Profiling

  • a) Network Scanning
  • b) Man-in-the-middle Attacks

Module 6

Module 6: Tampering with Communication (Wired and Wireless)

  • a) Wireless Protocols Security
  • b) NetBIOS Spoofing
  • c) ISMB Security

Module 7

Module 7: Malicious Files Execution

  • a) Anti-antimalware techniques
  • b) Non-exe Malware

Module 8

Module 8: Google Hacking

  • a) Open Source Intelligence
  • b) Possible Targets
  • c) Building Advanced Queries

Module 9

Module 9: HTTP Request Building

  • a) Cross Site Scripting
  • b) Injection Attacks
  • c) Information Leakage and Error Handling

Module 10

Module 10: Legal Issues

  • a) Paperwork
  • b) Reporting
  • c) Responsibility
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Adrian Denkiewicz

Cybersecurity Expert, Pen-tester

Adrian Denkiewicz is CQURE’s Expert with over 9 years of experience as Penetration Tester, Cybersecurity Specialist, and Software Developer. He has worked for financial, ecommerce, and semiconductor industry. Adrian performed dozens of penetration tests and security reviews cooperating with teams from all over. Adrian is a holder of OSCP and OSCE certificates!