LIVE WEBINAR: Hackers Hunt –
3 Experts Against Cybersecurity Threats in 2022


What can you expect?

3 Advanced Skills for 2022

Discover the most up-to-date Forensics Operations, how to better secure Azure Directory with Privileged Access Workstations, and how to detect and mitigate injection of shadow credentials, a new and novel attack technique.

Live Demonstrations & Walkthroughs

Get an over-the-shoulder look of fighting on the frontlines with detailed walkthroughs of Forensics Operations, how to deploy Privileged Access
Workstations, and a live demonstration of shadow credential attacks.

Live Q&A with Paula J., Sami Laiho, Michael Grafnetter

This is your chance to get your high-level questions answered by top cybersecurity experts. These experts have worked the frontlines to mitigate cyberattacks, and even discovered some of the latest threats gaining momentum.

Package of CQURE Hacking Tools to Download

Download a package of the essential hacking tools you need to recover
the evidence attackers leave behind, manage different-sized environments,
and better protect Active Directory.


Paula Januszkiewicz


Paula Januszkiewicz, MVP, MCT and Microsoft Regional Director has 15 years of experience in the cybersecurity field, performing penetration tests, architecture consulting, trainings and seminars.

She has performed hundreds of security projects, including those for governmental organizations and big enterprises, at the same time being a top speaker and a keynote speaker at many well-known conferences, including Microsoft Ignite (rated No 1 Speaker among 1100 speakers at a conference with 26000 attendees), RSA (in 2017 in San Francisco her session was one of the 5 hottest sessions), Black Hat, CyberCrime etc., where she is often rated as No 1 speaker.

Her presentations gather thousands of people. In 2019, Paula’s presentation was voted best of Black Hat Asia 2019 Briefings!

Sami Laiho


Sami Laiho is one of the world’s leading professionals in the Windows OS.

Sami has been working with and teaching OS troubleshooting, management and security for more than 15 years.

Sami’s session was evaluated as the best session in TechEd North America 2014, TechEd Europe 2014 and TechEd Australia 2013. Sami’s session at Ignite 2015 was evaluated as #2 out of 1000+ sessions and all of his four sessions were in the top 15 sessions on the Windows track.

Michael Grafnetter


Michael is an expert on Active Directory security who works as a cybersecurity consultant, trainer, and researcher.

He is best known as the author of the open-source Directory Services Internals (DSInternals) PowerShell module and Thycotic Weak Password Finder, tools used by security auditors and penetration testers worldwide.

He holds a master’s degree in Software Engineering and is a former Microsoft MVP.

Don’t miss this annual LIVE event with Paula Januszkiewicz, Sami Laiho and Michael Grafnetter who will be sharing valuable cybersecurity insights.

— Plus a possibility to compete and win a prize —

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