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A Must-Have Toolkit For Cybersecurity Experts To Prevent Hacking In 2021


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Cyber Elite Bundle – Get Three For The Price Of One

As the most unprecedented year of the 21st century draws to a close. Apparently these are the times that cyber-crime is booming as threat actors seek to exploit the increased online dependency and that makes a demand for highly skilled cybersecurity experts never been higher. That is why we decided to give out to the world this unique offer of Cyber Elite Bundle.

Exclusively on Black Friday, you can access New Reality Edition of 1 Day Forensics and Prevention Mastery Course, 1 Day to Whitelisting Mastery, and 1 Day to Maintain Stealth Communication Master – all in a special price we will reveal soon.

Each intensive crash course contains around 8 hours of video tutorials to which you’ll have access for a whole year. Challenge yourself to complete it in one intensive session or space out the modules to fit around your other commitments.

When studied together this trio of standalone courses provides you with an excellent toolkit for the upcoming year. It’s a must-do for all the enterprise administrators, infrastructure architects, system engineers & other IT professionals.

Which Courses are Included?

$499 VALUE

Everything you need to know about what malware is, how it works and how to keep it out of your company, has been condensed into just 8 hours of intensive video-based training and exercises broken down into 5 easy-to-follow modules. Learn how to use network whitelisting and application whitelisting to effectively defend against the execution of unknown software in your organisation without compromising usability.

$799 VALUE

In 6 modules consisting of 8 hours of video tutorials our teachers will train you how to think like a hacker so you can evaluate your infrastructure for exploitable vulnerabilities and how to recover the evidence attackers leave behind. It is the only course you will find that leverages our unique set of more than 200 CQURE tools and it’s taught by the first and only team to reverse engineer the data protection API. Learn how to outsmart the hackers!

$499 VALUE

Take a deep dive into encryption, uncover the crucial differences between bind and reverse shell and why they matter. We will show you when to use direct and indirect network channels, and teach you four different methods of tunnelling traffic. Discover the world of stealth communication in this 4 modules course!


Paula Januszkiewicz


Paula is not your average Windows Security expert. She’s an Honoured Microsoft
Regional Director, a Microsoft Security Advisor and holds MVP awards in Enterprise Security, and Cloud and Datacenter Management — to name but a few of her titles. In addition to founding and running CQURE Academy, Paula is a top-rated speaker at international conferences, where she talks about the urgent need for cybersecurity professionals with the skills to protect networks in the

Michał Jankowski-Lorek


You are in good hands — network and application whitelisting is one of Mike’s favorite topics. On a daily basis, he works as a Solution Architect, designing and planning database related solutions and software, mainly based on Microsoft and Oracle servers. He also designs and administers IT Infrastructure based on Microsoft systems and network solution from CISCO.

Tom Nowakowski


Blue Team and Red Team member Tom Nowakowski has over 17 years of experience as a Penetration Tester, Cybersecurity Specialist and Consultant. He is a passionate devotee of embedded systems and electronics and enjoys creating SmartHome components based on NodeMCU and Cloud based loT concepts.



You’ll get access to the pre-recorded classes (all in all 15 modules consisting of about 24 hours of video tutorials) on our special interactive platform.


Finish a course in one day or spread your study time over a few weeks. The decision is yours.

12-Month Access

You’ll get a full year online access to all three courses to consolidate your learning. The downloads are yours to keep.

Extra Materials

You’ll get author’s unique tools to download, plus over 300 pages of exercises and presentation slides with notes.

No Compromises

You’ll learn to implement new solutions at enterprise level without paralyzing the business.

Knowledge From World-Class Teachers

You’ll increase your knowledge and progress your professional career with world class cybersecurity specialists who incorporate in the courses the newest findings, insights and tools.

The Offer Ends In:

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Once Again What Are You Getting?

  • You’ll have an exclusive chance to get 24 hours of video-based training condensed in 15 easy-to-follow modules from our 3 intensive online courses in a special price.
  • You’ll keep an access to all the video recordings and extra materials for a full 12 months from the start of the program.
  • You can blitz through the whole course or go through it in your own pace. You choose!
  • You’ll get the up-to-date security knowledge, skills, and tools from the experts that spend 60% of their time working as consultants on client cases around the world 
  • You’ll leverage a unique set of more than 200 CQURE tools that will make you prepared for cyber threats of upcoming year.
  • The courses have an interactive, hands-on formula and a downloadable toolkit – yours to keep forever!