Learn What Malware Creators Don’t Want You To Know About Application Whitelisting

“1 Day to Whitelisting Mastery” — a Crash Course On Network & Application Whitelisting At Enterprise Level


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Tighten your first line of defence

Securing your company against cyber attacks can be hard in today’s BYOD (or bring your own device to work) world. By preventing the use of unauthorized software, whitelisting provides an invaluable first line of defence against the threat of hackers, malware and ransomware.  

In this essential 1-day cybersecurity crash course you will learn how to use network whitelisting and application whitelisting to effectively defend against the execution of unknown software in your organisation without compromising usability.

Everything you need to know about what malware is, how it works and how to keep it out of your company, has been condensed into just 8 hours of intensive video-based training and exercises broken down into 5 easy-to-follow modules.

“1 Day to Whitelisting Mastery” is an advanced course designed for cybersecurity professionals who have either completed CQURE’s “30-Day Windows Security Course” or who have a minimum of 3 years’ sysadmin experience.

Course Formula

Crash Course

You’ll get access to the pre-recorded classes (5 modules consisting of 8 hours of video tutorials) on our special interactive platform.

Flexible 12-Month Access

You can finish all the 5 modules in a day or spread it over a few weeks or even months. The downloads are yours to keep forever.

Extra Materials

You’ll get author’s unique tools to download, plus over 300 pages of exercises and presentation slides with notes.

Updated Knowledge

The course is packed with the newest cybersecurity findings, insights and tools from the malware defence field.

No Compromises

You’ll learn to implement new solutions at enterprise level without paralyzing the business.

Exciting Demos

You’ll get to see examples and live analysis of malware infection.

Course Syllabus

Module 1

Malware! How it really works?


  • History and evolution of malware
  • Challenges for admins in fight against modern malware
  • Modern malware types and most common infection technics
  • How malware become permanent in your system
  • Example and live analysis of malware infection

Module 2

Defense Against Malware


  • Types of defenses against malware
  • Antivirus and antimalware solutions and bypass techniques
  • AI and ML in security
  • Exploit guard
  • Overview of whitelisting solutions in security

Module 3

Network whitelisting


  • IPS and IDS solutions in fight against malware
  • Firewall and analysis of incoming traffic
  • Windows blocking outgoing traffic as countermeasure for malware home calling
  • Increasing network security with 802.1X

Module 4

Application whitelisting


  • Software restriction policy – bad or good?
  • Applocker – secure way of whitelisting application
  • Device guard security in fight against malware

Module 5

Implementing and maintaining whitelisting on Enterprise scale


  • Working with application identity
  • Code signing in application whitelisting
  • Application reputation filters
  • Planning and implementing application whitelisting in enterprise without paralyzing
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Course Creators

Paula Januszkiewicz


Paula Januszkiewicz is a CEO and Founder of CQURE Inc. and CQURE Academy. She is also Enterprise Security MVP, honorable Microsoft Regional Director for CEE, a Harvard Business School graduate (2017) and a world class cybersecurity expert. Paula has 14 years of experience in the cybersecurity field, performing penetration tests, architecture consulting, trainings and seminars all around the world.

Michał Jankowski-Lorek


You are in good hands — network and application whitelisting is one of Mike’s favorite topics. On a daily basis, he works as a Solution Architect, designing and planning database related solutions and software, mainly based on Microsoft and Oracle servers. He also designs and administers IT Infrastructure based on Microsoft systems and network solution from CISCO.

Who Is It For

Enterprise administrators

Infrastructure architects

Security professionals

Systems engineers

Network administrators

Security consultants

If you’re not sure where are you at, you can quickly

test yourself by taking Paula’s Security Quiz >>>

(If you score 13 points and above — this training is for you)

What CQURE Academy Students say

All of their classes are based on their real world experience with the products, not just the typical Official Curriculum style classes that teach you things for an exam, but that you will never use. You’ll find that all of the material you’ll learn in the class will be used, at some point, in your security career.

Jack Perry

Security Principal Consultant | Presidio

Totally professional, total great stuff, in-depth knowledge and a perfect Learning Atmosphere! I like it! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and knowledge!

Martin Weber

CTO | IT.innovation.4U GmbH

Let me start by saying Paula is amazing!! The passion for the topic really shows. As an engineer with 16 years of experience, I am impressed. Thank you for the education, and entertainment.

Dave Kordyban

Network Engineer | Garrett County Government

Once Again, What Are You Getting

  • You’ll get access to an intensive online course, divided into 5 modules (8 hours of video tutorials in total).
  • The syllabus covers topics like: Malware (it’s evolution, types, live analysis of malware infection and more); Network whitelisting; Application whitelisting; Implementing & maintaining whitelisting at enterprise level.
  • The course has an interactive, hands-on formula & downloadable toolkits.
  • All the video recordings and extra materials are yours to keep for 12 months from the start of the program.



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