1 Day to Maintain Stealth Communication Mastery” — a NEW Cybersecurity Crash Course by Tom Nowakowski

Learn how to safely transmit private and confidential data in this essential 7-hour intermediate to advanced level course


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Hiding in Plain View – The Undercover World of Stealth Communication

Knowing how to transmit private and confidential data safely is an essential skill in the digital age. A data breach isn’t just embarrassing – it can ruin a company’s reputation and cause customers to (justifiably) take their business elsewhere.

This 7-hour course led by Tom Nowakowski will teach you how to preserve the integrity of your data from digital eavesdroppers by clever use of stealth communication techniques and technology. You’ll be able to communicate and collaborate with your peers freely.

We take a deep dive into encryption, uncover the crucial differences between bind and reverse shell and why they matter, show you when to use direct and indirect network channels, and teach you four different methods of tunnelling traffic.

Course Formula


You’ll get access to the pre-recorded classes (4 modules consisting of about 7 hours of video tutorials) on our special interactive platform.


Finish all 4 modules in one super epic day or study it in sections in your own sweet time. The decision is yours.

12-Month Access

You’ll get online access to the course for a full year to help you consolidate your learning. The downloads are yours to keep.

Updated Knowledge

All our courses incorporate the newest cybersecurity findings and insights.

No Compromises

You’ll learn to implement new solutions at enterprise level without paralyzing the business.

World Class Teachers

Increase your knowledge and progress your professional career with world-class cybersecurity specialists

Course Syllabus

Module 1

Difference between bind and reverse shell


  • Why it’s better to have an interactive shell?
  • Bind shell – pros and cons
  • Reverse shell – pros and cons
  • Anti-Virus evasion for shells

Module 2

Encrypting communication


  • Why encryption is helping bad guys?
  • Using tunnel to encrypt network traffic
  • Using OpenSSL for sending sensitive data
  • Netcat’s older brothers: ncat and socat

Module 3

Direct vs indirect network channel


  • What is the difference between direct and indirect networking?
  • When to use direct?
  • When to use indirect?

Module 4

Tunneling traffic


  • Proxy chaining
  • Using HTTP protocol
  • Using DNS protocol
  • Using ICMP protocol
  • Summary and comparison of each scenario
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Your Teachers:

Paula Januszkiewicz

Founder & CEO, CQURE Academy

Paula is not your average Windows Security expert. She’s an Honoured Microsoft
Regional Director, a Microsoft Security Advisor and holds MVP awards in Enterprise Security, and Cloud and Datacenter Management — to name but a few of her titles. In addition to founding and running CQURE Academy, Paula is a top-rated speaker at international conferences, where she talks about the urgent need for cybersecurity professionals with the skills to protect networks in the

Tom Nowakowski


Blue Team and Red Team member Tom Nowakowski has over 17 years of experience as a Penetration Tester, Cybersecurity Specialist and Consultant. He is a passionate devotee of embedded systems and electronics and enjoys creating SmartHome components based on NodeMCU and Cloud based loT concepts.

Who is this course for?

IS managers

Secure Cloud architects

Security professionals

Research & Development analysts


Professionals who have completed our 30-Day Windows Security Crash Course

What people say about CQURE Academy:

All of their classes are based on their real world experience with the products, not just the typical Official Curriculum style classes that teach you things for an exam, but that you will never use. You’ll find that all of the material you’ll learn in the class will be used, at some point, in your security career.

Jack Perry

Security Principal Consultant | Presidio

Totally professional, total great stuff, in-depth knowledge and a perfect Learning Atmosphere! I like it! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and knowledge!

Martin Weber

CTO | IT.innovation.4U GmbH

Let me start by saying Paula is amazing!! The passion for the topic really shows. As an engineer with 16 years of experience, I am impressed. Thank you for the education, and entertainment.

Dave Kordyban

Network Engineer | Garrett County Government

What is Included?

  • It’s an intensive online course, divided into 4 modules — 7 hours of video tutorials in total.
  • You’ll have access to all the course materials for 12 months from the start of the program You can blitz through the whole course in a day or over a few weeks, you decide
  • The course has an interactive, hands-on formula
  • The syllabus covers: Bind and Reverse Shell, Encrypting Communication, Direct and Indirect Channels, and Tunneling Traffic


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