Paula Januszkiewicz – GeekSchau’s Special Guest at Microsoft Ignite 2018

What do three geeky MVPs chat about when they manage to find a spare moment at Microsoft Ignite? Anything but SharePoint! In this absorbing interview filmed live at this year’s conference in Florida, a relaxed post-session Paula Januszkiewicz is the special guest of Azure Lead Architect Eric Berg and Lead Security Analyst for Microsoft Alex Benoit. With this much combined brainpower in the room it’s not long before the conversation gets wonderfully geeky.

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Adam Hall

[IGNITE ’18] Up Close with the Experts – Paula J’s Interview with Adam Hall

Adam Hall, Microsoft’s Director of Security Product Marketing, tells MS Ignite Community Reporter Paula Januszkiewicz what employers really want from their next cybersecurity hire.

This interview contains invaluable advice for anyone considering a career in cybersecurity and underlines how open the field is to anyone with the right passion and drive.

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