[RSA USA ‘19] Learn from Paula’s keynote about the shortcuts that are not worth taking

There is one simple truth about cybersecurity: taking shortcuts will sooner or later cause more harm and then backfire. You need to know how to eliminate mistakes, avoid taking shortcuts and protect yourself from hackers. This was covered by Paula during her keynote at RSA 2019 in San Francisco!

>>> Scroll down to view the slides and tools from Paula’s session

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Singapore learns which shortcuts hackers love – RSAC 2018 Asia Pacific & Japan

Today what moves the occupants of the Peony Ballroom at Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore, will be something other than music.

Instead of a stately waltz or frantic foxtrot, the crowd will gather to hear a world-renowned cyber security expert share her inside knowledge of the seedy world of cybercrime, as part of the RSA Security Conference 2018 Asia Pacific & Japan.

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