30 Cybersecurity Skills You Need To Become a Windows Security Pro [slide deck]

Enjoy our presentation from the webinar + 2 demos: on ransomware & SQL Authentication.

30 Skills to Become a Windows security Pro

Last Thursday we hosted our first ever webinar for cyber Newbies (geeks with less than 3 years’ experience), called “How To Hack Your Way To Windows Security Proficiency”. During the webinar, we pointed out 30 skills that every Cyber-Newbie must acquire to become Windows Security Pro. These skills are:

#1 skill group: Windows Internals

  • Reviewing Processes and Threads
  • Administering System Services
  • Managing Service Accounts

# 2 skill group: Managing identity and access in Windows Systems

    • Managing System Privileges
    • Managing Permissions
    • Protecting objects

#3 skill group: Managing Infrastructure Services

  • Configuring DNS and Active Directory Domain Services
  • Managing Internal Public Key Infrastructure
  • Configuring SQL Server Authentication Settings

#4 skill group: Securing Windows networks

  • Sniffing on the Network Traffic
  • Understanding and analyzing Windows protocols

#5 skill group: Application Whitelisting

  • Preparing Application Inventory
  • Implementing AppLocker
  • Understanding Non-exe executable files
  • Reviewing techniques used by Ransomware and implementing prevention

#6 skill group: Practical Cryptography

  • Implementing and Using BitLocker
  • Understanding DPAPI and Protection of Users Secrets

#7 skill group: High Availability

  • Failover Clustering
  • Virtualization
  • Making SQL Server Databases AlwaysOn


#8 skill group: Scripting and Automation

  • Configuring PowerShell with Just Enough Administration
  • Group Policy
  • Implementing Desired State Configuration

#9 skill group: Monitoring Windows Systems

  • Using Windows Built-in monitoring tools
  • ETW and EVT
  • 3rd party monitoring tools

#10 skill group: Troubleshooting

  • Startup troubleshooting
  • Understanding Blue Screens

#11 skill group: Forensics

  • Performing Disk Forensics
  • Memory Analysis

The webinar replay is not available anymore but — due to high demand — we decided to give you access to its slideshare. PLUS, as a surprise, we’re throwing in 2 demos: one on ransomware and one on SQL Authentication. 

Demo number 1: Understanding ransomware

One of the skills that every Windows Security Pro should acquire is understanding ransomware techniques. There are a couple of interesting things that we should have a look at when discussing ransomware and this is something that Paula has shown during the webinar. Below you will find part of the recording from the webinar:

Demo number 2: Configuring SQL Server Authentication Settings

Another topic that we demonstrated during the webinar was SQL Server. It belongs to the sill group: Managing Infrastructure Services and it’s also crucial to learn for every Cyber-Newbie Greg has hacked into SQL Server and then made SQL Server having unusual privileges over the previous account.

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